Reader’s letters - Friday 06, 2014

This plaque is fixed to a lighthouse on the harbour at Blacksod in the west of Ireland to mark where the weather forecast for D-day was sent to military planners 70 years ago. Photograph sent in by reader Frederick Donaldson
This plaque is fixed to a lighthouse on the harbour at Blacksod in the west of Ireland to mark where the weather forecast for D-day was sent to military planners 70 years ago. Photograph sent in by reader Frederick Donaldson
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D-day veteran’s memories

As the 70th anniversary of D-Day draws near may I, as one of the many who landed early that morning on Gold beach, and who subsequently made our way through France, Belgium and Holland, where we just failed to meet up with the gallant ‘Paras’ at Arnhem in time to shorten the war, but eventually taking Arnhem the following spring, pay some tributes.

To our navy and air force for the tremendous backing they gave us - the ordinary soldiers - and to the resistance forces who unbeknownst to us at the time, must have been a major factor in turning the invasion into the success it was; the Americans who suffered heavily in the initial landings and who eventually broke out on the right flank; to the Canadians, Polish and other allied forces who were with us.

I was one of the many who didn’t perform any great feats like the paras and those who landed from gliders and the special forces like the commandos.

Our orders were just to push inland as far as possible for the first 24 hours and this we did.

The feeling we all had right through our training and during the weeks leading up to the landings and particularly during the last 48 hours prior to D-Day was this: “This is it, and its going to succeed, so let’s get on with it.”

The atmosphere and feeling was widespread even during the horrible night crossing and the grey stormy dawn that followed.

Remember those who didn’t return, and those who did and may perhaps need help from associations like the Royal British Legion - I will remember on June 6 and November 11 - will you?

To those who are too young to remember, be proud that your fathers and grandfathers did what had to be done at that time and did it well.

Are you a D-Day veteran? If so please contact me, I would like to hear from anyone who was involved in the D-Day landings.

Philip Broomhead, 4, Harrison Crescent, off Oxcliffe Avenue, Heysham

Residents face building chaos

It was recently reported that the intended access to the building site at Haydock Grange, in Cottam, would be on Hoyles Lane, do those who make these decisions not bother to visit a site?

This entrance is at a point which is very close to the narrowest point on the road which, when building starts, will cause complete chaos as heavy wagons delivering heavy plant and collecting waste will take a little time, meanwhile where will all the contractors’ vehicles park.

May I suggest the council arrange for the proposed roundabout on Tabley Lane be built first thus allowing site vehicles better access and exit from the site and would be better for traffic travelling from Woodplumpton area and probably less inconvenience to the residents of Cottam.

Ray Butler, Cottam

Leave our green spaces alone

To the lady who is worried about our countryside (letters June 3) no you are not the only one who is very worried as to the destruction of our countryside.

The only thing politicians think about is the now not our long term future.

What will we be left with when all the building of houses,roads,train lines, factories and the very worrying fracking sites have been completed?

More flooding traffic jams somewhere else more psychological problems with people living in a fast pressured concrete jungle with no escape to the peace and beauty of the countryside, loss of wildlife, loss of agricultural land to provide food (or do we import food and then what about climate change?), the list is endless.

Come on politicians face up, build only on brown field sites bring empty properties back into the housing market, at least until they are all used up.

Very unhappy taxpayer

Council plans are not right

After spending £22m of ‘our’ money purchasing Market Walk, Labour-controlled Chorley Council proceeded to spend hundreds of thousands more of ‘our’ money developing four more shops units at the old McDonald’s site in competition to themselves – genius.

They have now, quite rightly, realised that what we need in Chorley town centre is more residential properties and propose to close down popular car parks to facilitate this, thus forcing drivers on to Asda’s car park.

I am sure Asda will be delighted with this, but I cannot see it helping trade in other parts of the town.Why did they not give themselves residential planning permission on the McDonald’s site and then sell it on to a developer and create a profit for the council tax payer instead of continual debts whist at the same time preserve the car parks they are now considering closing ?

Jeffrey Mallinson

Chairman, UKIP Lancashire

Help has been there for centre

The Fig Tree has had (and continues to have) the same opportunity as Garstang Town Council to secure Garstang Community Centre if they wish to (LEP May 22).

A suggestion to purchase some of the rooms in the building is not economically viable and the threat to vacate the premises unless their demand for free rent was met has quite rightly been ignored.

Wyre Council, Garstang Town Council and indeed the tax payers of the borough should not and will not be forced to subsidise this venture.

We can only assume that the commercial direction of the Fig Tree has changed over the past six months or so, since openly declaring a commitment to stay in Garstang and be part of the community.

Both councils have gone out of their way to actively support the Fig Tree over the years and have arranged to extend their lease while negotiations over the building proceed but have not received a response to this offer.

Whilst we will all be sorry to see the Fig Tree leave Garstang, we wish them the very best for their future in Lancaster.

Community Centre Working Party Wyre Council and Garstang Town Council