Reader’s letters - Friday 04 April 2014

French rugby coach Philippe Saint-Andre could be a role model for football
French rugby coach Philippe Saint-Andre could be a role model for football
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Hidden victims of new tax

We all keep hearing through the media about the awful effects that the so called bedroom tax is having on many families, with sadly the disabled seeming to be the worst affected.

That was always going to happen with the set-up and thinking behind the policy conjured up by our Coalition Government, led by David Cameron.

I realised at the beginning and told many people that there was one forgotten and unmentioned group within our nation who would become the most affected, with their numbers and anger growing weekly.

Who are the people 
unthought-of by an ill advised and blinkered Government.

It’s now the thousands and increasing daily, of young British men and women who would like to get married and start life in their new homes. But having too much love and respect for their family, they dare not leave home and an empty bedroom.

That would mean leaving too many of their parents, either in debt or having to move from the family home. How sad is that.

Cameron might well have congratulated all the gay marriages at the weekend, but isn’t it time he had some consideration for the ordinary less better off people. The ones who live in rented housing. Maybe they should now start to shout? We want equal rights!

The Lancashire Red Rose Lad

Point finger in right direction

Once again we have Conservative councillors disconnecting from what their own government is doing.

The “it’s not me gov” letter from Councillors Abram, Buttle and Hart about the re-routing of the No 75 bus away from the area they represent (letters March 31) sees them crying crocodile tears and pointing the finger anywhere but where it should be pointed. Firmly at the door of Number 11 Downing Street.

It is George Osborne who 
removed the 25 per cent subsidy on fuel for bus operators which has seen the reduction of bus routes all across the country.

Add that to the deeply unfair cuts of almost 50 per cent faced by local authorities in the North of England and it is inevitable cuts will take place to the services we value most.

As usual the first people to scream and shout when cuts are made by a Conservative government are Conservative councillors. They support market forces when it suits them but when they are reaping what their government sow, as corporal Jones would say, “they don’t like it up em.”

Coun John Swindells , 
deputy leader of the council

Football should follow rugby

How I agree with Mr Pinder (LEP April 2) I’ve been banging on for years for soccer to adopt a form of rugby union refereeing.

A couple of niggling fouls can ruin the game as a spectacle when a player is dismissed for next to nothing. Bring in the sin bin. Ten minutes out of the game is the best yellow card punishment. But the biggest bonus would be they are treated like men.

Even an outbreak of fisticuffs can be easily diffused by a rugby ref and no one leaves the field. Every nancy footballer knows he goes for a ball, rolls round clutching his head and the chances are your opponent goes off.

Also they should deal with intrusive mangers. These clowns shouldn’t be on the touchline abusing anyone in sight. The one man I admired most in the six nations this year was the manager of the French team.

One of his men was dismissed by the ref and he responded with a sarcastic hand clap. The mangers ruling on this? He told the player he wouldn’t be needed for the rest of the tournament. Imagine Moyes telling the overpaid Rooney that? No, neither could I.

Allan Fazackerely, Penwortham

Toy soldiers to carry a message

My name is Isabel Eaton and I’m currently studying an art course at Blackburn College which will lead me on to going to university in September to study a journalism course.

For my project I am focusing on World War One and with the up coming centenary I am leaving toy soldiers around Preston with the name of a soldier who lost his life in the war, their occupation before joining the army and the date and age they died.

Along with this information I am including a question “What are your thoughts and feelings of losing a loved one to war?” And an email address the public can email their thoughts to I am hoping to gain a reaction from the public as that is what journalism is about and I am emailing to inform the public I will be doing this so they can look out for the soldiers around Preston.

Isabel Eaton, via e-mail

Saving fish and chip supper

Well done Chris Davies. Our north west representative has won an ‘MEP of the Year’ award for his successful campaigning to reform the European Union’s fishing policy to protect our seas and fishing industry.

Thanks in part to his efforts fish and chip shops can be confident that their supplies of fish will not disappear. Chris did this like any other Liberal Democrat. He worked with people from across the north west to persuade MEPs to vote for what was right by running petitions, email campaigns and by doing some good old fashioned campaigning.

Real decisions get taken every day in Europe that affect jobs and our environment. We are lucky Chris Davies is there to stand up for the north west when those choices are made.

Prof Jo Crotty, chair North West of England Liberal Democrats

Giving couples the kiss off

Darryl Ashton does not want to see same sex couples ‘kissing in the street’ (letters April 2) despite not being ‘against gay people’. It does make me wonder just how often he sees gay couples kissing in the street or whether most reserve their affection for places where the moment cannot be spoiled by bigots.

Michael Roberts, Fulwood