Reader’s letters - Friday 03 January 2014

Dalton Square, in Lancaster, is a lovely place to work, according to one reader
Dalton Square, in Lancaster, is a lovely place to work, according to one reader
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Do not blight beauty spot

The Old Tram Road and the new “Greenway” are a fabulous asset to Preston.

They begin in Avenham Park, cross the river and run into Penwortham, flanked by fields, trees and ditches.

They are a haven, a retreat from the city and are delightful to walk along, especially at this time of year.

The muted, almost rural, greens and browns of early winter look especially evocative against the grey early winter sky.

I notice these special views have been recently blighted by the erection of a number vivid blue signs, the brightness of which is in direct contrast with the tranquil serenity of the path through the woods.

I fear there maybe more to come judging by the empty metal poles scattered along the routes but the worst so far is some distance from the river along the Old Tram Road.

It screams unnecessary information to uninterested passers-by. It spoils the view, disrupts the rhythm of the trees and really, I consider it to be an act of sanctioned vandalism.

Sally Stone, city centre resident

Market traders need support

I write with reference to the letter the council needs to consider the needs of the traders and put in place suitable provisions for them (letters December 26).

Some of the vehicles in question may not be able to get into certain car parks due to height restrictions. Also more than one trader I know of has stated it is unfair on them having to buy “multiple tickets” just to be able to park a larger vehicle.

A lot of vehicles need access to their premises to unload and load throughout the day and time does fly so before you know it, a few hours have passed before it has dawned on them to move a vehicle. I’m quite sure all traders who have been parked nearby to their shops have all felt the wrath of the parking officers.

With the heavy rates they pay for being in Chorley centre, do you not think that the council should do something for them?

I mean they don’t even get a waste bin.

Name and address supplied

Encourage dog owners’ help

I moved away from Grasmere Terrace about two months ago into a bungalow.

I have a dog and take it for a walk pretty regularly, but now I have moved to Calder Avenue, I cannot find one dog bin.

The nearest one is on Moor Road facing Culshaw’s newsagents shop and one down at the bottom of Moor Road.

Do you not think the council could put a couple of dog bins on Eaves Green Road estate?

If they could it would save our legs because as you know, if a dog doesn’t do it going, it might do it coming back.

So the bins on the estate would be more convenient and we wouldn’t need to go back to dispose of their mess.

John Bibby, Chorley

Civic buildings need better use

Please can you explain to me why the clerks who comprise Lancaster City Council have to work from the magnificent and hugely expensive town hall in Dalton Square?

I used to work for the National Nuclear Corporation. We built the two very successful nuclear power stations at Heysham and we were quite happy to work from portable cabins.

I would have thought that these would be more than adequate for a bunch of clerks whose chief duty seems to be the closing of public toilets. This would leave the town hall available for more appropriate duties.

Perhaps a means of bringing in some much needed revenue and maybe even paying its way?

A Midgley, Lancaster

Nationalise the energy giants

Thanks to Mike Denny and his very kind offer to look into my energy details (letters December 16).

The concern was very much appreciated, however, with the news from Ofgem in the last few days regarding the Big Six energy suppliers means I am staying with my present small CWS duel fuel supplier.

I have look at my fuel bills over the last three years and I am with the cheapest on those figures. I do know now that I, along with thousands of others, were cheated by our previous suppliers and Ofgem are now dealing with the companies responsible.

The penalties imposed by Ofgem are that the companies have to repay the customers the overcharge. That’s going to be applied by discounting the amount from the customer’s energy bills.

Unfortunately many like myself followed Government advice and, after being overcharged, left to try to find a better deal.

So no repayment for us and the companies concerned get away again with not meeting their responsibilities, with nothing to stop them doing it again.

Meanwhile, the people responsible for the wrongdoing, still remain with those companies and still in overpaid employment. I can say I most certainly will not return to such people, no matter what deal is put on the table.

Another point of importance to me is that, my supplier belongs to the British people and the company pay the full amount of tax owing to the UK, unlike others.

So if it works out that I am paying too much, then I rest easy with the fact that the tax is coming back into my country. But all and what has been written on this subject simply takes me back the full circle and to my very first letter to the Evening Post.

That was to say that, with the mess our energy industry has created, it should be totally, taken back into public ownership and with the chief executive officers elected by the public as with the police commissioners.

The government is going to have to do something positive and very quickly with major international companies pulling out of the UK, because the UK is now the most expensive country in the world for energy.

Makes you wonder about foreign countries charging us more for energy than they charge their own people doesn’t it! I know what I think?

Red Rose Lad, name and address supplied