Reader’s letters - Friday 02 May 2014

Top spot: Bruce Crowther from the FIG Tree, which a reader says she does not want to see close
Top spot: Bruce Crowther from the FIG Tree, which a reader says she does not want to see close
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Dog owners need to bin it

My partner and I decided to go and blow away the cobwebs one Sunday recently with a walk in Rivington.

We walked from Rivington Primary School to Liverpool Castle during which time we could not believe the number of bags containing dog mess that were thrown everywhere.

Why on earth do irresponsible dog owners go to the trouble of picking their dog mess up only to drop it back down in a bag?

Do they not know it takes between 20 and 1,000 years for a plastic bag to decompose and a matter of days for the actual mess to disappear?

We decided to walk on the road back to avoid having to see it all again which is a great shame as we love walking around Rivington.

Come on you dog owners either use the bins provided or take it home.

Think of our environment.

Annoyed resident, Adlington

Centre needs our support

My family and I had a lovely trip to Garstang Easter weekend to look at possibly moving over to live from the Isle Of Man; on our visit to the town we felt everyone so welcoming and friendly.

We popped into the Fig Tree Cafe after being recommended by over six people to go and enjoy their friendly service and great food and they were right what a lovely place. We felt so welcome my son age seven enjoyed reading the fascinating facts about the Fairtrade and how the town has got so involved, his words “mum that’s great that their helping people around the world”.

And I enjoyed their tea and cake in lovely surroundings.

I was then so sad to hear the news they may have to leave as they haven’t got the support they need!

This would be a real shame to see them moving and not being given a chance to flourish and it would be a sad loss to the community I hope to see the Fig Tree gets the support and help it needs when we return in the future.

Penny, via email

Tenant help is most welcome

Blimey, I agree with Labour! Apparently, a future Labour government would cap rent increases in the private sector and scrap letting fees to estate and lettings agents to give a “fairer deal” to tenants.

Ed Miliband will pledge to end “excessive” rent rises when he launches his party’s campaign for local council and European elections.

An “upper limit” on rises will be put in place based on average market rates.

The Labour leader will also call for longer, securer tenancies and rental charges of up to £500 to be axed. And may I also add my suggestions Mr Miliband?

Make it illegal for the letting agent – and the landlord to get together and look for faults when the tenant leaves.

In order to withhold part – or all of the tenant’s deposit? This policy is so rife in today’s property rental agencies.

As I do know from personal experience – and having to fight just to get my deposit back.

I did threaten to write a “poem” condemning the agency. I got all my deposit back!

So, I say good luck to Ed Miliband on this occasion!

Daryl Ashton,Blackpool

Cycle loop is brilliant idea

The Leyland Loop (April 30) is a great idea, more towns and cities should do this. Preston really nailed it and you can see a lot of history on the route.

Leyland has lots of history too and there’s loads to see on this 10-mile route.

Clayton, via

Council waging war on drivers

Re: Preston city centre roadworks.

If we can forget the complete mayhem in the city centre for months, created by the highways commitee, there is a greater problem.

If we can forgive the fact that traffic flow will be hindered rather than assisted by the works, there is a greater problem.

If we can forgo the amount of income lost by Preston traders, as motorists AND pedestrians refuse to risk their safety in constantly shifting road works, there is a greater problem.

When all the work is complete, at what cost I might add, will we see an improved city centre.

Not if human life is a consideration.

Any resident of Avenham borough will tell you that Chapel St has always been a severe problem for motorists.

Some members of the public have never been accepting of the cars right of way when the

pedestrian lights are red, and jay-walking here was a constant problem.

Since the new semi pedestrianised development has been ‘opened’ a more acute concern is evident.

Mainly due to the extremely low pavement edging most

pedestrians are now completely unaware that they are entering onto a road and are unwittingly stepping into moving traffic, albeit at present slow moving due to the roadworks.

When the works are complete, it will be only a matter of time before an incident occurs. I say incident because it cannot be an accident, as these only occur in unforseen circumstances.

This circumstance is plain to see and dangerous.

In its continuing war on the motorist PCC (Preston City Council) has chosen to use pedestrians as a new traffic calming device.

It is to be hoped that the cost of their stupidity is not to be calculated in human lives.

Andy MacDonald, via email

Promote our unique shops

With regards to the Winckley Square proposals (April 30).

Reviving Cannon Street is a good idea because city centre shops should promote the individual and quirky rather than chain stores.

They are done better at out-of-town sites with good parking.

Frenchwoody, via