Reader’s letters - December 10, 2014

D-Day landings veteran Russell Dunkeld with his medals of service (see letter)
D-Day landings veteran Russell Dunkeld with his medals of service (see letter)
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Time to honour war hero

As Lancashire County Council’s champion for armed forces and veterans, I never cease to be hugely impressed by the courage servicemen and women show in the course of their duty both at home and abroad.

I have recently been made aware of Mr Russell Dunkeld from Hala who served as a medic on D-Day as well as performing many other acts of bravery.

Without the courage and bravery shown by Mr Dunkeld and those who fought and served alongside him on the beaches at Normandy, our lives today would be very different.

I write to offer support to Mr Dunkeld’s family who are keen to ensure he receives the Legion d’Honneur medal as soon as possible. I think for him to be able to hold the medal would be fitting recognition for his crucial contribution in World War II.

I have sent this letter to the French ambassador to the United Kingdom, the secretary of state for defence, the minister of state for defence personnel, welfare and veterans and the shadow secretary of state for defence. I very much hope the Ministry of Defence and the French government will give urgent consideration to this request and that Mr Dunkeld will receive the recognition he so richly deserves.

Coun Coun Darren Clifford, champion for armed forces veterans

Courtesy lost in court verdict

A Yorkshire bus company, who I won’t identify, who was taken to court by a man in a wheelchair after a woman refused to move her pushchair to let the wheelchair on the bus has lost his case.

The bus company was accused of acting in a “discriminatory” way against the man in the wheelchair. The appeal court ruled the bus company hadn’t acted in a discriminatory way - by refusing to tell the woman with the pushchair to make way.

Although there are signs on buses asking women with pushchairs to make way for any wheelchairs. After the court ruling maybe these signs now should be changed saying, ‘Women with pushchairs may make way for wheelchair users at their own discretion’.

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool

Better deal for disabled people

This morning on BBC breakfast there was an item of news stating thousands of businesses in Britain such as cafes, clubs, pubs and restaurants do not have facilities for the disabled losing approximately £300m of business a year and the disabled are losing out again in Britain.

Later today the Appeal Court in London said people with children should not have to remove the pushchair in a designated disabled space!

And also today the High Court London agreed that the Government is right to close the Independent Living Fund in June 2015, the number of people it would affect? Eighteen thousand at a cost of £30m, the price of London Mansion! I thank the Lord I am not disabled, but remember judges one bad fall,one serious accident and we could all be.

Bernadette Hughes, Bamber Bridge

Prince tackling wrong target

Prince William was on the front of a national newspaper under the headline “William attacks China on Ivory Trade”.

China is known for its evil and disgraceful One Child Policy where people hunt down pregnant woman and perform abortions on these poor defenceless women,some are in the ninth month of their pregnancy. If the baby is born alive, then they kill it. China is a most inhumane country. William should have talked about the unjust abortion instead of the ivory trade.

Name and address supplied

MP correct on frack powers

More worrying reports on fracking, and our MP Mark Menzies is quite clearly stating that the regulatory regime he believes is needed has not been created.

The Government needs to put the brakes on now, do its homework and listen to the experts urging caution. If it’s going to go ahead, let’s have it done so after we know it is safe and residents living nearby are reassured. Let’s not let it begin with no-one policing the system.

Forcing it through too quickly only feeds outrage for those who feels wronged, and the conspiracy theorists who will forever argue we never had any choice in the matter and it was all done for the money, regardless of any potential health risks.

Name and address supplied

Stores making mugs out of us

I’m not sure whether to be more angry at the pathetic people fighting over electronic goods on Black Friday, or the shops and their PR agencies for whipping people up into such a fervour.

The scenes at stores across the country were ridiculous. We’ve got friends in America who cannot understand why their biggest celebration, based around boats arriving in America in the 17th century, has been turned into a worldwide shopping frenzy.

Are we all really daft enough to still believe we’re getting a bargain?

That the stores aren’t just selling tat at a price they’re more than happy with?

We must be mugs. I would love to know where all these people suddenly find a few hundred pounds from for a TV that they probably don’t need.

Rex Calder, via email

Watch out for the small print

On Sunday November 16 I visited the Arndale Centre in Morecambe for a little bit of shopping.

I noticed that the Arndale advertises ‘free parking’.

After begrudgingly paying my £1.30 for less than one hour’s parking next to the library I decided to look into the offer, but all I found on their website is that the free parking is one hour on Victoria Street.

I feel this is misleading to say the least.

I will continue to use the supermarkets where I don’t have to pay to spend my money.

Dr Nigel Jackson, Morecambe