Reader’s letters - August 18

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We need to solve GP crisis

The government’s plans to recruit thousands of extra GPs and introduce seven day opening are undeliverable as new figures reveal that one in five GP trainee posts in England remain vacant.

The North West is one of the worst affected areas in the country, with 127 of a possible 
351 vacancies remaining unfilled.

This is at a time when local GPs are already unable to cope with the current pressure, and patients are understandably frustrated at the lack of appointments and delays getting the treatment they need.

The issue is that whilst demand has been continuing to rise, the government has failed completely to provide the support that local GP practices need to offer their patients the time and care they deserve.

That has had a damaging effect on GPs’ morale and well-being, with many doctors getting close to burn-out, young doctors are no longer choosing general practice as a career, training places are going unfilled and senior GPs are choosing to leave the profession.

The failure to recruit new GPs is happening at the same time that a third of existing GPs are intending to retire in the next five years.

This combination is incredibly concerning and represents a threat to the delivery of effective care to patients, as there will be too few GPs to meet their reasonable needs.

The government must stop burying its head in the sand and address the real issues facing the GP workforce.

Ministers need to undertake a sustained, long-term programme of investment in general practice that gives GP services the ability to cope with rising patient demand and makes it an attractive career option for all medical graduates.

Dr David Wrigley

Lancashire GP and BMA representative for the North West

Landlords: Don’t be greedy

Watching a programme on buy to let on the TV this week, it was sad to see families with children being evicted by the high sheriff, their mothers were single mums who worked and wanted the best for their children.

I rent a flat out myself and charge minimum rent.

These greedy landlords make me sick, they’re not satisfied with housing benefit, they want money off the tenants.

It makes me sick that some of them (not all of them) don’t maintain their properties and get money for nothing.

In three years I’ve had to get jobs done on my flat once but, if our tenant wants anything done, we would have it done straightaway.

And the residents who have been in have also respected the others and keep the outside clean.

We have been lucky.

So private landlords don’t be so greedy, look after your tenants, maintain your properties, keep the outside clean and think yourself lucky to be able to live in comfort and have a luxury which most tenants don’t have.­

Name and address supplied

So generous 
yet so stingy

It beggars belief how the government can be so generous by blowing £12bn a year on foreign aid but at the same time be so stingy at home by giving public sector workers below inflation pay rises and even cutting their jobs and ruining public finances.

If they can afford to throw away all that money on foreign aid, then surely they can afford to give their public sector employees a decent deal and preserve their jobs and public services?

It is comparable to a father blowing most of his wages in the pub and hardly spending on his family.

It is a national disgrace.­

R.N. Coupe

Lostock Hall

Money will help MS sufferers

Would it be at all possible for you to publish my letter of appreciation to all who donated and helped on August 9 at Preston North End’s home match?

Our aim was to raise money for the Preston branch of the MS Society. In the few hours we were there, we managed to collect £627.78!

The branch will spend the money on helping people who live in the Preston area suffering from this debilitating condition.

There is also a Charity Evening for the MS Society at the Leyland RAFA Club in Leyland on September 12.

Tickets are £10, discounts are available.

The group The Diamond Geezers is appearing, there’s a top class comedian, hot pot, raffle and more. For tickets, ring 07876 696463.

Sue Hurrell, fundraising officer, Preston & District Branch, MS Society

Bertie’s garden party success

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making our garden party such a success. £700 was raised for “Bertie’s Buccaneers”.

Little Bertie Kay (aged four) has just been diagnosed with Ullrich Muscular Dystrophy, a rare form of the disease.

This amount was put on Bertie’s Buccaneers Just Giving page and, with Gift Aid, has taken the final total to £875.

A superb effort from everyone involved.

David and Wendy Redman, Lostock Hall

A joy to be with caring teens

I would like to congratulate the young people who cared for the sick young and not so young people recently in Lourdes.

It was a joy to be with them.

We hear so many bad reports of teenagers, so it’s great to compliment these young folk from every walk of life. Thank you.

Val Tudor via email

Why the over 12s are ‘adults’

Last time I checked, you had to be 18 to be an adult. So why do both British Airways and easyJet class children over the age of 12 as adults? Oh, yes. So they can charge more. Silly me.

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool