People have no pride now

New Hall Lane, Preston
New Hall Lane, Preston
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A lot of money is going to be spent doing up the New Hall Lane area of Preston.

A lot of money is going to be spent doing up the New Hall Lane area of Preston.

I was brought up in this area when we had original owner’s shops, when people lived in the back and upstairs in them. Ribbleton Lane was the same.

People had pride in their buildings. Not any more.

The people who lived and worked in this area are no longer here (God bless them) and they would turn over in their graves.

Walk round late at night and everywhere you look there are black bags, furniture and rubbish dumped in all the streets off New Hall Lane.

It’s an absolute disgrace.

Bins are overflowing, large bins left out on the pavements permanently, and people drinking and just leaving their cans everywhere.

People who have moved to this country and buy to let have brought this area down.

It upsets me to know how much this area has gone down.

It used to have hard working people working in the factories and mills, not any more.

P.S. Nice to see in the Evening Post that Church Street is being brought back to its former glory (LEP August 4). The Blue Bell pub, former bank and the other pubs all look nice.

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How best to be a sports patriot?

Can someone help me?

I desperately want to be a patriot but the summer’s sport has left me befuddled.

When it’s the Ryder Cup, I’m a European golf fan, but France is the big grudge match in the Six Nations, where there’s an Auld Alliance between the French and the Scots.

When it’s the Lions, I’m a Brit, but when it’s the Calcutta Cup, a trophy named after an Indian city, and played between England and Scotland, I’m definitely a single nation fan rather than a Unionist. When it’s the cricket I’m supposed to hate the Aussies, but I am meant to have an opinion on whether a South African should be in the team, which is called England but represents the England and Wales Cricket Board and is managed by an Australian.

When it’s the cycling, I am meant to cheer when a Kenyan wins ‘for England’ and in the past I was told to be patriotic by supporting a Canadian at tennis.

When the World Cup qualifying begins, I’m told I’m English and my rivals are the Scots, but when it’s the tennis at the All English Club I have to support a Scot.

Alan Buckley via email

More dementia research needed

News that dementia sufferers are getting younger proves UKIP was right to call for more investment and research into treatment of the disorder.

There have been reports that dementia is being diagnosed a decade earlier than it was 20 years ago. An academic warns that the creeping onset of the disease could mean the world faces “a silent epidemic”. Data from 21 countries in a study by Bournemouth University shows the disorder is being identified in people in their late 40s.

In UKIP’s 2015 general election manifesto, the party pledged to spend an extra £130m a year researching and treating dementia – the only party to do so.

These concerns are precisely what we were recognising in our election manifesto.

Dementia is the leading cause of death among women over the age of 55 and the fifth biggest killer of men.

It is also disgraceful that such a huge issue affecting so many people is still to this day left largely to unpaid and untrained carers to attend to.

As a nation we are living longer than ever and one of the unfortunate results of that is an ageing population that needs to be cared for. Dementia needs to be tackled, and the wonderful people caring for family members and friends suffering from it should be given proper support.

Louise Bours, MEP for the North West

Lack of coverage about Jeremy

It was noticeable in last Monday’s colourless report of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership meeting the previous Saturday that it matched in brevity the announcement of his meeting, published shortly beforehand (LEP August 3). The reporter (or office boy) failed to portray the large enthusiastic crowd which filled the large garden to the rear of the Continental public house.

Also, that the crowd was not made up of the usual suspects, that is elderly disillusioned lefties, but covered all the age groups. Jeremy has a wider appeal to the electorate than the media gives credit to. Would there have been a wider coverage if the candidate had been standing for the Tory Party?

Denis Lee, Ashton

My memories of Leo Cuff’s shop

I refer to a previous Looking Back which showed a stunning photograph of Leo Cuff’s Confectioner’s Shop at 13 Acregate Lane South, Preston (now Arnhem Road) (LEP June 20).

I knew Leo very well, and the Fishwick area, because I used to pass his shop on my way to college every day. We both attended St Teresa’s Church for many years.

I wrote the Parish History of St Teresa’s, Preston 1930-2008.

Page 50 of this history was devoted to Leo Cuff which was compiled by his son Eddie Cuff (who now lives in Victoria, Australia).

Bernard Davis via email

n The LEP is looking for pictures of Leo Cuff’s sweet shop for a future Retro article, if you could help please email barry.

Electricity bill will increase

I totally agree that the water contamination notification to the public was poor (LEP August 8). I heard from people who read about the issue on Facebook.

It was Friday before we received anything official from United Utilities. It’s all very well advising people to boil all water, but who is paying for the increasing electricity bill?

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Would running the taps help?

If there’s any credibility to the present water crisis, shouldn’t we all be running our taps to help drain the system?

Joseph G Dawson, Chorley