Letters and emails on February 29, 2012

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Archbishop Sentanu’s comments have done little to terminate the debate about what the Government feels is its right to legalise gay and lesbian civil marriages. Much of this argument is founded on a misconception. What they are really after achieving is the stamp of ‘respectability’ for people living together as ‘couples’, which they would like to call ‘marriages’. If they can force the religious organisations and the established Church to bless and accept these liaisons they will have achieved a great victory. But they fail to appreciate the latent feelings of the Church and society in general in what is still recognised as being a Christian country. The whole purpose of ‘marriage’ was so that a man and a woman could ‘be fruitful and multiply’ and provide a loving protective atmosphere, the family, into which children could be lovingly and safely reared, outside the pressures of the world in their early years. Gay and lesbian couples are not physically capable of producing children, which is why the scriptures and the Churches have over the many centuries condemned these practises as contrary to God’s instructions to mankind. The church has steadfastly refused to give such liaisons the blessings of the Marriage Covenant, forcing them to use the legally acceptable but nevertheless seen as socially lesser, Registry Office ‘weddings’, to cement their unions. Since the steady decline of the influence of religious education in our schools, churches and homes as is apparent on every hand in recent years, I suppose it is to be expected that such organisations will continue to try to ‘push the boundaries’ on what they feel they can get away with, but now with apparent Parliamentary approval to their demands, they must feel themselves unstoppable. Eric Tilley, Chorley

Clinic to blame on appointment woe

I phoned up the physio clinic the other day to cancel an appointment and all I heard on the phone was all the staff are busy, please hold the line, this phone call will be recorded for training our students, you are second on the line, if you want a physio or an orthopaedic, please press one. This went on for three days calling the department three times a day. So I gave up in the end. No wonder people don’t cancel their appointments. And what’s this about students training? Are they saying these students can’t take a message on the phone? I thought children of eight could use phones these days. Another day I rang social services, same again, could you wait, or you could go on www or text. Well I would if I had a computer, which I haven’t. Again I rang three times. What happened to the time you could pick the phone up and someone would say, hello can I help you? Has anyone else had this trouble? Joan Barker

Help with our garden misery

My neighbours have a very large oak tree in their back garden, which is overhanging largely into our garden. The tree completely blocks the sunlight from our garden, until late afternoon, which is not ideal during the summer months. The present neighbours moved in approximately 18 months ago and we have spoken to them several times regarding the tree, but they are obviously not willing to have the tree pruned, they said they don’t see it as a problem, as the previous neighbours did regularly. Could any readers please advise what course of action we are legally allowed to pursue. I do not want yet another year of their tree in my back garden, blocking all the light. Name and address supplied

Bonuses con for bankers’ losses

It would appear the Prime Minister has been conned over Royal Bank of Scotland profit and losses. The retail bank doubled its profits while the investment side lost £2 billion, double last year’s loss, yet the investment bankers are getting bonuses. It does not make sense. They should let the investment bankers leave without bonus. Time Mr Hester started living in the real world. J Williams, via e-mail

Why was crime not investigated?

The article ‘Charity Clothes Are Thieves Target’ (LEP February 21) related to recycled clothes being stolen and a genuine charity losing £1,000 per week. During a recent PACT meeting, a gentleman said he placed a bag of clothes at the end of his drive for collection by the NW Air Ambulance Charity, but witnessed something unusual. A vehicle stopped suddenly outside his home, a passenger picked up the bag, and the vehicle was driven away at speed. He suspected a theft and phoned the local police station immediately. An automated response invited him to leave a recorded message. He left his personal details, a registered number and description of the vehicle, and the story line. He asked the community beat manager if his message had resulted in a positive outcome. She dismissively replied: ‘We don’t listen to any of the messages. We just delete them. Only one officer ever showed an interest and she’s off sick.” For a CBM to admit that disinterest resulted in a despicable crime not being investigated is beyond belief! Dismayed resident

Conman should have been jailed

Yet again, the law has failed the most vulnerable people in society (LEP February 16). I refer to the shameful theft by a project worker from a charity established to help the disabled in the community - or what passes for one. The judge deemed the crime so mild that the convicted criminal was merely given a suspended jail term and ordered to do 120 hours’ unpaid work. Where’s he going to do this unpaid work? In the local community no doubt, giving the crook yet more opportunities to latch on to ever more vulnerable people! No wonder the two victims were too distressed to speak to anyone after the hearing. Eileen Timoroksa, Preston

Mourning the loss of our old shops

We were in Preston last Friday, looking for new curtains. We could not get over how empty the streets of our once bustling town were. I kept expecting to see tumbleweed rolling past us, it was so quiet. Every visit we make sees less shops, with many old favourites now shut down. New closures seem to occur with sickening regularity. When will it all end? Probably not until the likes of Fortnum and Mason or Harrods are at risk! Jeff McCann, Hoghton