Letters and emails on February 28, 2012

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A few weeks age it was reported that the ‘neighbours from hell’ who got evicted eventually, had to move from our street. What infuriates me is that this was always a lovely street, and the reason that woman got a house on here was that social services got her it. What right have social services got to ruin a street like they did ours? This family was a complete nightmare from the very first day they moved here. Social services knew this was a respectable place, and everyone on here takes pride in their homes. They put her here with absolutely no consideration for any of the people here. Social services need to think long and hard about what they do, because of them we all had a year of hell. No praise to them from me, I bet none of them would like neighbours like we had, damn sure they would think twice then. Now we are all worried that we may get the same moving in to the empty property. Social Services, think twice, you caused a lot of upset to decent folk. No Fan of Social Services, Morley Croft Resident

Cutting speed limits not answer

Councillor Tim Ashton’s mantra of blanket 20mph zones across Lancashire are here to stay regardless of what anyone else has to say. Coun Ashton made a big play of his so-called public consultation exercise saying that all views for or against the introduction 20mph zones across Lancashire from the public, local councillors and business etc, would be considered. Sadly this seems not to be the case as proven with the blanket introduction of 20mph zones in the Freckleton and Wyre areas despite objections from local councillors and local business. Wherever you go in Lancashire these 20mph zones are being steam rollered through over night, all at the behest of Coun Ashton, this one trick policy is all he has to offer as regards to making Lancashire’s roads safer? What we need in Lancashire is more traffic police officers to catch the many drivers who drive with no insurance, road tax, mot along with all the drink/drugged up drivers etc who don’t give a damn. Mr I S Houghton, Northern Avenuee Much Hoole

Blackpool’s new look is a treat

In your report bulling up Benidorm on behalf of Jack Breen and his Gran Sol Properties (LEP February 24), Jack compares Blackpool unfavourably to the Spanish resort. He is quoted as saying Blackpool is a “dump”. To balance this view, I would like to say how pleasantly surprised my husband and I were on a recent visit to Blackpool. We cycled the promenade from Squires Gate as far as Fleetwood on a bright sunny day and were struck by the improvements made to the sea front areas along the entire length of the promenade. Clearly money has been spent in Blackpool and Cleveleys as well as on Benidorm, and it shows. I would urge anyone who has been deterred by your article, or anyone who has preconceived views of Blackpool, to pay another visit and see the regeneration work for themselves. Sleek new trams, soon to be in operation, stylish stonework and street furniture, and the fabulous comedy carpet opposite the Tower, which could keep you chuckling for hours – well done Blackpool! Sue Cronshaw, Lostock Hall

Save the last dance for Drifters

Nearly 60 years in showbusiness, sold millions of records, more than 50 different members and still going strong today with a fabulous live show, The Drifters certainly give value for money if you get the chance to see them live. Their recent show at Preston Charter Theatre was of stellar class. Over two hours of hit after hit all delivered in a very slick style which had the near capacity audience wanting more. Special mention must go to their backing band who never put a foot wrong all night with a very tight sound. One of the great things about The Drifters is their music is timeless and appeals to all ages which was the case when you looked around the theatre which is not such a bad thing. S Briscoe, via e-mail

Under a deluge of drought talk

It’s been chucking it down today, so I’ve been stuck in, and was therefore able to listen to a nice man on TV, telling us about the drought situation we are due to be hit with. ‘Worse than 1976’ was his clarion call. Are we included in this? I remember last year we had a hose pipe ban. Even though I’m a gardener, it didn’t bother me as it rained throughout the ban. But tell me, we get this year-on-year, but do ‘they who matter’ do anything other than pray? How many reservoirs have been built here since the Victorians? Anyway, I can’t take it too seriously as I’ve not been able to use Strand Road much for two years while they install this storm water tunnel to run off all our rain that it seems we are not going to get. Also, I know we have plenty of water because I’ve just had a water bill for £487. Hold on though, I’ve not had any of that yet. God will provide, it just depends what United Utilities does with it. Allan Fazackerley, Penwortham

Council chief’s at saint day snub

At the council meeting 23rd February , the Labour Leader Coun Peter Rankin was asked ‘What are we doing for St George’s Day this year? The answer from Coun Rankin was ‘I am the wrong nationality to answer that’. Later in the debate he added that it was Guild Year and we would be celebrating the Guild. To celebrate St George’s was a very narrow view. Peter Rankin is happy to work and live in Preston and to run Preston Council. However, he appears to be dubious about celebrating St George’s Day. Which country has provided his livelihood and continues to do so? I feel this is an insult to the loyal citizens of Preston. Coun Christine Abram, Cottam and Lea

Bus station would be tough to follow

As an occasional user of the bus station in Preston for shopping and catching the National Express coach I find it an excellent facility that will be hard to beat, it keeps you dry, all the terminals are well posted and identified. It may be too big for today’s use but before all the talk about demolishing it should the council not be showing us pictures of their proposed alternative first and then people may be more sympathetic to a change. David Johnstone, via e-mail