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Readers' letters - June 15

Tell us the plan for an emergency evacuation

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Chorley town centre

Readers' letters - June 12

Focus on our market town’s selling points
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A reader asks: Why should I pay an extra 2k for NHS?

Readers' letters - June 11

Why should I pay an extra £2k for NHS?
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A reader doesn't agree with all-women shortlists. What do you think?

Readers' letters - June 8

Elect the right person – male or female
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Only Labour cares about communities says a correspondent

Readers' letters - June 7

‘Only Labour cares about communities’

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Were you affected by problems with Visa?

Readers' letters - June 6

Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket

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A letter has been sent to MP Chris Grayling about Northern Rail

Readers' letters - June 5

Mr Grayling, please sort train issues out

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The elderly are not to blame for the woes of the NHS says a correspondent

Readers' letters - June 4

We’re not to blame for woes of the NHS
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What do you think about todays banking system?

Readers' letters - June 2

We have a one-sided relationship with banks

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Readers' letters - June 1

Kick in the teeth for parents and teachers

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Campaigners celebrate as the official results of the abortion referendum in Ireland are revealed

Readers' letters - May 31

Rights of women ... and the unborn

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Residents and local environment groups highlight the issue of plastic pollution by creating bunting from milk bottles at the Preston New Road fracking site

Readers' letters - May 30

Reasons behind the plastic bottle display

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Money is being squandered on projects such as HS2 says a correspondent

Readers' letters - May 29

Wasting cash while we suffer austerity

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Did you enjoy Eurovision this year?

Readers' letters - May 28

12 points for great night of Eurovision

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Old people are being cast aside in this selfish country says a correspondent

Readers' letters - May 26

We have become a selfish and materialistic society

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Picture: Polaris container trucks in1991. A correspondent says nuclear warheads are being taken from Coulport to Burghfield on the M6

Readers' letters - May 25

Stop nuclear convoys travelling near us

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Avenham Park has overflowing litter bins says a reader

Readers' letters - May 24

Views blighted by overflowing litter

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The Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sport has reduced the maximum stake on fix-odds betting terminals from 100 every 20 seconds to 2

Readers' letters - May 23

Vulnerable people need more protection

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Ikea site - After and before. Photo courtesy of Graeme Heaton

Readers' letters - May 22

Decision of IKEA  was a sensible one

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Co-operative Stores, based in Ormskirk Road, Preston, in 1902. Picture courtesy of Preston Digital Archive

Readers' letters - May 21

Happy memories of town centre Co-op

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