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Readers' letters - July 13

Young today will be old tomorrow

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Pavement washing

Blood, vomit and ingrained beer stains... does anyone wash Blackpool's streets?

It’s good to see the ambitious plans to improve Blackpool’s town centre.
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Firefighters at the moorland fires

Readers' letters - July 12

A thank you and a smile costs nothing

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A reader says bad driving posture can be dangerous

Readers' letters - July 11

Bad driving posture can be dangerous too

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What do you think of Donald Trump's visit to the UK?

Readers' letters - July 10

Where were protests against Mugabe?

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A reader warns of scam phone calls

Readers' letters - July 9

Scam sharks abound in this tough world

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Water companies are urging people not to waste water during the heatwave

Readers' letters - July 7

Rise in population is at the root of our problems

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What do you think about Armed Forces Day?

Readers' letters - July 6

Giving children the wrong idea of war

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Tesco has pulled out of the proposals for a new supermarket in Penwortham

Readers' letters - July 5

I would’ve preferred a supermarket here

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Cuts will hurt vulnerable families says a reader

Readers' letters - July 4

These cuts will hurt vulnerable families

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The Duke of Cambridge during a visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City, as part of his tour of the Middle East

Readers' letters - July 3

Prince William does a better job than Boris

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A reader asks: Why do rail drivers need to be trained?

Readers' letters - July 2

Why do rail drivers need to be trained?

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Fracking site

Readers' letters - June 15

Tell us the plan for an emergency evacuation
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Chorley town centre

Readers' letters - June 12

Focus on our market town’s selling points
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A reader asks: Why should I pay an extra 2k for NHS?

Readers' letters - June 11

Why should I pay an extra £2k for NHS?
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A reader doesn't agree with all-women shortlists. What do you think?

Readers' letters - June 8

Elect the right person – male or female
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Only Labour cares about communities says a correspondent

Readers' letters - June 7

‘Only Labour cares about communities’

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Were you affected by problems with Visa?

Readers' letters - June 6

Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket

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A letter has been sent to MP Chris Grayling about Northern Rail

Readers' letters - June 5

Mr Grayling, please sort train issues out

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The elderly are not to blame for the woes of the NHS says a correspondent

Readers' letters - June 4

We’re not to blame for woes of the NHS
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