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A reader says there is a lack of improvements to road infrastructure despite the new housing developments being built

'New homes, road delays and dangers'

Readers' letters: When will Ribble Valley Council realise that the building of new homes in Longridge and the surrounding areas is not supported by any improvements in the road infrastructure?

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Older generations didn't have life any easier says a reader

'It wasn’t easy for older generations'

Readers' letters: A recent press article said that older people should move out of their homes into smaller accommodation, therefore releasing their property for the younger generation, who are unable to save up the deposit required to get onto the property ladder.

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Boris Johnson

Letters: We contribute more than you, Johnson

I suppose that we shouldn’t have been surprised when the notorious Old Etonian toff, Boris Johnson, used his fringe speech at the Conservative conference to sneer at Preston’s Labour-run Council’s attempt to keep contracts, jobs and money in the locality.

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Heysham Power Station

Letters: Debunking the myth of nuclear power

MP David Morris is still banging on about a Heysham 3 new nuclear power station. He should perhaps look at the plans for the UK, as outlined by the World Nuclear Association, that don’t mention Heysham at all in the timetable for the next decade.
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A correspondent gives her view on fracking

Letters: Local people matter too

I have a deep concern that people don’t realise exactly how much the Government wants to brazenly rewrite planning rules to make it even easier for fracking companies to drill.

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