Young superheroes ride on to a fitter life

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Passers-by were left bamboozled as superheroes cycled and scooted to a Lancashire school.

From Batgirl to Spiderman, Zorro to Catwoman, youngsters in New Longton swapped their school uniforms for the capes of their favourite heroes.

Chain reaction: Alicia, Batgirl on a bike

Chain reaction: Alicia, Batgirl on a bike

The special day at New Longton All Saints Primary School was held as part of the Big Pedal, and raised more than £120 for Sustrans.

Helen Cole, who runs the school council and eco-council, said: “It’s been a fortnight initiative called the Big Pedal, to encourage children to come to school on a scooter or bike to get fitter.

“We want to save the environment, and try to ease congestion outside the school.

“And it was also to help Sustrans, and help other children who aren’t as fortunate as us to access funds to cycling and scooting.”

Children throughout the school dressed up and Mrs Cole said: “We had made-up ones – we had a few onesie boys and girls.

“Everybody made an effort and we had lots of scooters and lots of bikes.

“The day went ahead as normal but they were all superheroes and we were able to put a spin on it of being a super writer or reader.

“We had Batgirls and Supermen and Action Boy and Catwomen, Iron Man and Spiderman.

“One of the little boys in reception came dressed as his dad, because his daddy is his hero.”

Mrs Cole said: “The emphasis was on trying to get everybody being a part of it.

“I think the fact the majority of people came on scooters on Monday as a result of coming on them the last fortnight, it will eventually ease congestion outside the school, because it’s horrendous in New Longton.”