Worry over ‘choke hazard’ on water bottles from United Utilities

Bottles given to school pupils during the recent water scare are being investigated due to “a possible choking hazard”.

Friday, 25th September 2015, 7:00 pm

United Utilities distributed the reusable bottles as residents boiled their drinking water after traces of the bug cryptosporidium were found.

But Whitefield Primary School in Penwortham, near Preston, has urged people to stop using the bottles.

In an email sent to parents, they said: “We have been informed that the water bottles that school was provided with from United Utilities following the local water crisis have a possible choking hazard.

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“We urgently advise you not to let your child use the bottle and send your child to school with an alternate bottle.”

It is understood that the issue relates to an incident at a school in Blackpool where a child was chewing a bottle and a piece broke off.

Blackpool Council confirmed a school reported a water bottle breaking, but said it did not have any immediate concerns about their safety.

A spokesman for Whitefield Primary, on Oaklands Drive, said: “We got advised by a school in Blackpool that they had a slight issue with them.

“As a precaution, because we don’t want any risk to our children, we have asked for them to be recalled.”

A United Utilities spokesman said: “The water bottles are from a reputable national supplier and conform with the required health and safety standards. We have used these bottles for several years and have not had any previous reports of safety issues.”

Jill Cornwell, Health, Safety and Quality Manager at LCC, said: “Now that this matter has been brought to our attention we will investigate further and advise schools accordingly.”