World Cup misery as fed up fans say it with flowers

Upsetting: Uprooted flowers litter the pathways in Miller Park
Upsetting: Uprooted flowers litter the pathways in Miller Park
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Frustrated football fans are suspected of a vandalism attack in one of Preston’s showpiece parks.

Flowers were ripped from borders and ornamental urns and scattered around Miller Park following England’s World Cup defeat by Italy in the early hours of Sunday.

The damage was said to be “very upsetting” for park users and, in particular, council grounds staff who cultivate the colourful displays in the Victorian gardens along the banks of the River Ribble.

“This is very disappointing after all the hard work our parks people put into these glorious flower beds and borders,” said a spokesman for Preston City Council.

“I don’t think the people who do this sort of thing realise how much work goes into getting the gardens looking so majestic.”

The destruction was discovered early on Sunday and parks staff have since been replacing the damaged flowers, mainly begonias, and returning the floral displays to their original splendour.

“Unfortunately these things happen, some people do not have any respect for anything,” said the council spokesman. “We’ve reported the incident to the police and if anyone knows who might be responsible for this please get in touch with either us or the police.

“Our staff have managed to replant some of the flowers, but others have had to be thrown away. We will have to replace some of them and this costs the authority.

“For the parks staff to see the fruits of their labour damaged and discarded like this is very upsetting. They’re proud of their work and they want these displays to be enjoyed and treasured by the people of Preston. Unfortunately one or two just want to spoil it for the vast majority.”