Worker stole phone parcels for a ‘bully’

Preston Magistrates court upright
Preston Magistrates court upright
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A PARCEL worker claims he was bullied into stealing expensive mobile phone packages that were supposed to have been delivered by the firm he worked for.

Jordan Ferguson, 23, of Skeffington Road, Preston, was working for couriers DPD when he claims another member of staff started causing trouble for him and pressuring him to steal parcels and pass them on to him.

Ferguson, who had worked for the company for 18 months, admits he stole an i-Phone worth £550 and a Samsung S5 worth £350 on November 11.

Prosecuting at Preston Magistrates’ Court, Martine Connah said: “David Meads, an employee, started investigating two missing parcels from two major accounts.

“When he looked at the CCTV he discovered the defendant had concealed the paracels under his clothing and left work with them.

“During an interview he claimed he stole the items after being bullied into it by another colleague.

“Ever since he got his badge enabling him to handle parcels, the other male was on at him and humiliating him in front of staff.”

The court heard Ferguson had not reported the bullying to management.

Defending, James Ball said: “The saddest thing about this case is that this young man has lost his good name and has never been in trouble before. He accepts he reluctantly went along with this enterprise with the man.

The chairman of the bench said: “ We have taken into account there was no self gain, you did notify your employer of the offence which led to the investigation and that you feel you were bullied into the theft.

He was ordered to pay a £175 fine, £900 compensation, and a £180 court charge.