Work delayed on road repairs

Pothole concern: Mark Perks measuring potholes in Euxton
Pothole concern: Mark Perks measuring potholes in Euxton
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Legal process postpones resurfacing

Plans to delay road repairs have been slammed.

Community leaders were told by county chiefs that the potholed Wigan Road, in Euxton, would be repaired in early March.

Partial work was completed on the road, but the area outside Papa Luigi’s hasn’t been touched.

However, Lancashire County Council has now said work will start in the new financial year.

County Coun Mark Perks said: “I’m absolutely flabbergasted by this decision. We were told all the road would be done in March.

“They have changed their mind and said the road needs to be closed when originally they said it didn’t.”

Resident Robert Wilding said: “The surface is very uneven and is breaking up, on the pavements are stones that have been kicked up by the car tyres.

“It must be very dangerous for cyclists, especially to try to avoid the crevasses in the road surface.”

Andrew Burrows, highways manager for Chorley, said: “We had hoped to be able to do this work by the end of March, but a further assessment showed it could only be done safely by closing the road, requiring a legal process taking 12 weeks which has delayed the works.

“We apologise to Coun Perks for providing inaccurate information.

“We’re in the process of scheduling the work near Papa Luigi’s for the first 12 weeks of the new financial year. We’ll need to fully close the road for the resurfacing and will let people know once it has been scheduled.”