Words to remember Sir Tom

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As thousands gathered to mark the funeral of Sir Tom Finney the vicar of Preston Fr Timothy Lipscombe spoke of the man who united the city.

“In his life and even in his death Sir Tom has united the people of Preston. Everyone has a cherished and lovely story to tell about him.”

The funeral of Sir Tom Finney Fr Timothy Lipscombe

The funeral of Sir Tom Finney Fr Timothy Lipscombe

Opening the funeral, Fr Timothy said; “We have come here today to this holy place in the sight of almighty God to give thanks for the life of Sir Tom Finney and to pray for his family and for all those who respected admired him and loved him.

“We remember Sir Tom’s strong sense of duty and justice his loyalty to friends and his respect of local traditions.

“We recall with affection his humility, his self effacing nature his fairness and his dignified angaging manner.

“We remember Tom’s love for the city of Preston and it’s people. We remember his charm his love of good conversation and his respect for local people from all walks of life.

“A legend in his own and royalty among footballers Sir Tom was on and off the football pitch.

“We give thanks for his noble attitude to the game of football his sense of fair play and for his incomparable talent as a national hero.”