Why did Preston vote to leave the EU?

A new group set up to examine why major towns and cities voted to leave the EU is to visit Preston.

Monday, 17th October 2016, 9:12 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:03 pm
How do you like your Brexit? Hard or soft?

Common Ground UK is a non-partisan organisation that campaigns for a fair and open society, and honest politics.

It says it hopes to keep Britain in the EU.

It also hopes to to convince many of those who voted ‘Leave’ that the EU was not the source of their problems, and that these can be addressed more effectively if we remain.

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The group is visiting Preston next Wednesday and has lined up a programme of interviews with figures including Coun Peter Rankin, Preston Council leader, and UCLAN “Students for Europe”.

Preston voted 53 per cent in favour of leaving the EU.

The visit is part of its Ten Towns project.

Common Ground is visiting ten towns in the UK that voted ‘Leave’ in the EU referendum, Preston being one of them.

Common Ground believes it is essential that its hears from both sides of the referendum spectrum in order to get a good grasp of why people voted as they did.

It feels this also gives voters a chance to be heard, at a time when many people, especially those not in the London area, felt shunned by politicians and Westminster.

Director Edward Morgan, Preston-born but now based in London, said: “We want to come to Preston and just listen - to see if there is literally any common ground.

“We need to find out why people voted they way they did.

“We suspect that a lot of it may be to do with Government, and not the EU.”