"Where does this money go?": Your reaction to 'rip-off' hospital parking charges

A study by the PA news agency showed hospitals made more than £254 million from parking in 2018/19, as patients and visitors said they felt ripped off.

Thursday, 12th December 2019, 12:48 pm
Updated Thursday, 12th December 2019, 12:51 pm

One in three hospitals in England put up the cost of parking last year, with patients and visitors objecting to the "exorbitant" prices. Here's what some of you had to say:

Its not the hospitals making the money though its the parking company

Emma Walker

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Hospital parking charges

It is a rip off when your outpatient appointments are delayed by 3 hours and it's out of the patients hand, but your still being charged for the full hours

Carl Corless

When I worked as a senior Sister in theatres at the Vic, a monthly parking fee was taken out of my salary. No guarantee of a space to park what so ever. Still had to pay even if there was no parking spaces available. Used to leave home 45 mins early just to drive round the whole site to park before my shift. Total rip off of staff and visitors.

Now I am retired I cannot walk too well and I am forced to pay a fee with my blue badge on display which is also disgusting to charge for a badge where I can park in most places for free.

The patients and visitors should not have the extra worry of paying exhorbitant parking fees which they may not be able to afford.

Lesley Sargeant

Don't mind the hospitals making money out of parking when it's put back in to the running cost all help the nhs. . Not like parking eye nothing fare about that expensive and the money doesn't go into the running of our hospitals

Susan Innes

The NHS is crying out dor more money, so why are they not taking control of parking financial themselves instead of leasing the land out to private parking companies, its a disgrace

Glenda Lowe

First ever parking ticket in my life almost 31 years ago st Blackpool Vic after the wife was in labour for over 30 hours emergency cesarean full of emotions ran out of change after buying 6 4hr tickets only to get a parking ticket - told them to shove it and never paid it

John Keen

Needs changing , nobody chooses to visit the hospital for a day out . It's a necessity and unavoidable. Parking should be at a minimum . Like £1 for 3 hours and £2 for 12 hours and £3 for 24 hours .

Dave Klepp

So what percentage of the parking do the hospitals get it must be more than they was getting in the first place or they wouldn't be doing it.

Ron Umberto

Meanwhile some staff can't afford the parking fees! Disgusting how staff are made to pay. Free parking for staff is a must.

Karen Beech

Last year in Scotland when my wife broke her leg it cost me all of£3-00 to park at Dundee hospital for 2 days (£1-50 per 24 hours)

In Preston the first half hour is free then it's a minimum of £3-50, so if you park for 40 minutes it's £3-50 for 10 minutes, that would buy you almost 3 days in Dundee

Bob Enef Entwistle

If it goes to the nhs it’s money well spent they need it. Just my opinion

Mandy Cayton

Am sure more people could get a bus .not disabled but people visiting

Cris Stevenson

5.50 Sunday night at Preston hospital is a disgrace for just over 2 hours

Michelle Proffitt