What would you call the new M6 link road?

The Heysham Link road is being built at Junction 34 of the M6
The Heysham Link road is being built at Junction 34 of the M6
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A long list of names have been suggested for the new M6 link road when it opens next year.

John McGuinness Way, Tyson Way, The Bay Expressway and the Bring Me Sunshine Way have all been mooted for the brand new road which will link Heysham with the M6.

A panel set up by Lancashire County Council will now shortlist the top five names which will be put to a public vote early in the New Year, with the official name announced in March 2016.

A Facebook page has been set up calling for TT legend John McGuinness to open the M6 link road and there have also been plenty of suggestions for the Heysham M6 link to be named after him.

Via email Sue Brown said: “What better name could you have but ‘John McGuinness Way?!’ He is a true local lad who could’ve quite easily decided to up sticks once he gained his celebrity status, but he has kept himself and his family in the immediate area.

“John McGuinness Way is the perfect choice for the name.”

Via email Anne McNaughton said: “How about simply The Bay Way?

“It’s short and trips off the tongue easily.”

Ian Woods from California, who was born in Arkholme, said: “What about Harbour Boulevard to give it an international kind of touch?

“I think boulevard sounds international, classy, and gives a nice feeling of “movement in the modern age.”

Daniel Richmond-Warwicksaid: “TysonBypass named after the champ.”

Mark Cullen, from Internet Ltd in Bare, said: “May I suggest we build on the local rebranding of the area as a destination location and hase a name around the enduring, inclusive, uncontroversial and beautiful natural asset that this route will lead to - The Bay Way.”

North West Honda Lancaster has approached Lancashire County Council about the idea of McGuinness leading a charity ride of local bikers in support of St John’s Hospice to open the link road.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/johnmcguinness/permalink/1032100633518645/