Weekend heatwave means Preston could be hotter than Ibiza

A HEATWAVE hotter than Ibiza looks set to hit Preston this weekend.

Wednesday, 4th May 2016, 3:16 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th May 2016, 4:20 pm

According to the Met Office temperatures this weekend could hit heights of 22 degrees surpassing the forecast for the popular holiday destination.

The week is set to get steadily warmer for Lancashire with tomorrow and Friday predicted to reach a maximum of 16 and 18 degrees respectively.

Moving into Saturday, temperatures move up to 19 degrees before shooting out of the teens for the next few days.

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Sunday, Monday and Tuesday all have the potential to see heat up to 22 degrees meaning it might finally be time to dig out the shorts and t-shirts from the bottom drawer.

That compared to Ibiza’s predicted temperatures of 20 degrees on Saturday and 19 on Sunday, holiday makers might be wishing for the British Isles rather than the Balearic.

Many have been patiently waiting for Summer to begin and looking at the Met Office’s figures, their wait could finally be over.

But before locals did out their flip-flops and head to Blackpool beach, it’s worth noting the minimum temperatures predicted for the next few days.

If the national weather service is right with its lowest predictions then instead of sunny spells, the weekend might only get as warm as 12 degrees.

And even if Sunday does reach the heights of 22 degrees, the forecast predicts light showers for most of the day, making that ice cream on the pier just a little less appealing.

And if you didn’t want to take the risk of the potential 10 degrees difference, Ibiza would be your best bet with temperatures not set to fall below 16 degrees over the weekend.

Alex Burkill, meteorologist for the Met Office, said: “Looking at the charts it looks like the UK is going to be bringing some warm air up from Europe meaning most places in England will be in for a warm weekend. There is a chance of some thunder but in most places temperatures will exceed 20 degrees. In Preston it might even be hotter and get to 23-24 degrees with prolonged periods of sunlight, especially on Sunday.”