Wedding anniversary prompts couple to shed almost 7st

Edel and Phil Knapman who have won the title of Mr and Mrs Slimming World
Edel and Phil Knapman who have won the title of Mr and Mrs Slimming World
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A big anniversary inspired one couple to shed the pounds.

Months after they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Edel and Phil Knapman are six stones lighter and have been crowned as the new Mr and Mrs Slimming World.

The duo, from Fulwood, Preston, celebrated their silver wedding in May 2014 and Edel revealed the milestone kick-started her and her husband’s new healthy lifestyle in June.

Edel, a 52-year-old nurse said: “It was our silver wedding anniversary, my husband’s 60th birthday and he retired in the same month. We did it to feel healthy and better in ourselves.

“And we changed our lifestyle. It has been 20 years since I weighed as low as this. That month changed our lives.”

Former nurse Phil has hit his target weight after dropping from 17 stone 4 to 13 stone 4 and Edel has gone from 12 stone 8 to 9 stone 12.

Edel revealed the secret to her and her husband’s success is working as a team.

She said: “Doing it together kept us motivated. Our children are healthier for it too because they are eating the same things we do.”

Nicola Evans, Slimming World consultant for Fulwood, praised the inspirational duo for their commitment.

She said: “They had their silver wedding anniversary last year and joined Slimming World. They never miss a group session. They bring recipes in and have worked really hard. They really deserve this award.”