Concern over 'third wettest year on record'

Here's proof of what you already thought you knew...last year was the third wettest year Lancashire has experienced since records began.

Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 2:14 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 3:20 pm
Graph showing rainfall (in millimeters) in Chipping from 1969 to 2017.

That is according to Chipping-based weather expert Muriel Lord, a Met Office rainfall recorder.

Data recorded from Muriel’s farm near Parlick Fell has revealed 1,936 millimetres (mm) of rain fell in the area last year.

Only the years 2000, with 1946.4mm, and 2012, with 1984mm, were wetter.

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Muriel Lord

Muriel said: “Last year was the third wettest in the last 48 years. Every month has been above average bar three; it’s been constantly wet throughout the year.

“It has seen farming in the local area badly affected and disrupted.”

In November last year the News reported that half a metre of rain - or 19.7ins - fell in September and October.

The new data shows that October was the wettest of the year and the third wettest October on record, seeing 257.3mm of rain.

Chipping monthly rainfall.

Muriel said: “It’s huge concern for me personally and peopl should be concerned too.

“All the worst rain has now occurred since the turn of the century – it really has shot up.”

The semi-retired farmer added: “And it’s not just farming that has been hit but all the local infrastructure too.

“The roads up in the valleys become unsuable and temporary rivers.

Rain gauges at Muriel's site.

“Admittedly we are higher up and more open to the elements, but when the rainfall totals are so large they do a lot of damage.

“All the buildings are being blasted with water, getting damp and all the mortor gets ruined.

“Garden walls and paths are being overwhelmed. It’s becoming a struggle.

Muriel continued: “I’m just longing for a dry year now – if we can organise one that would be great!”

Muriel Lord
Chipping monthly rainfall.
Rain gauges at Muriel's site.