We Are Scientists get intimate

Quirky New York indie pop outfit We Are Scientists returned to Preston for their most intimate gig in the city yet.

The Great Escape stars played a 10-song acoustic set and traded their typically nonsensical banter with a jam-packed Action Records store in Church Street before signing autographs and chatting to fans.

Monday night's appearance was to promote the release of their latest single, Chick Lit, and was the fourth time they have appeared in the city.

They have played twice at 53 Degrees before and treated fans to a very special show in the city's Kolor Bar in February, where they also played acoustic arrangements of songs from their latest album, Brain Thrust Mastery, alongside hits like Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt.

They are also back to play a full-size concert at 53 Degrees on June 24.

Bassist Chris Cain said: "We come back to Preston because everybody tells us we can't. We're coming back next week now because you just challenged us!"

Vocalist Keith Murray said: "We find Preston to be a magical place - superhero-style magic! People flying, heat vision. People soldering stuff in front of us with their very eyes! Have you met the mayor?"

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