We will fight on – vow villagers from neighbouring fracking sites

Photo Neil Cross'The anti-fracking protest at County Hall, Preston
Photo Neil Cross'The anti-fracking protest at County Hall, Preston
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THOSE most directly affected by fracking proposals – the people who live in neighbouring villages to the sites – said they would re-group and fight on.

Pat Davies from the Preston New Road Action Group said: “I’m not really surprised but we are all very disappointed in this deferral. I detected that the councillors were reluctant to have to do this and I have a certain sympathy for LCC. It means we will have to fight again.

“It is just that we are ordinary people from the area, having to take time off work and pay for experts and advice to prepare our case and then it is put back and we have to do all that again.

“Cuadrilla have had plenty of time to put their case together

But the fight will go on. I believe the mood of the country is changing away from fracking.”

Barbara Richardson from the Roseacre Awareness Group said members were disappointed but would use the extra time to further strengthen their case against fracking.

She said: “We are very frustrated, Cuadrilla have thrown a spanner in the works with this late deferral.

“We believe that support is growing for us and the more that central Government stick its nose in the more people in Lancashire are saying that 
this should be a local planning decision.”