Wayne Rooney ‘ready’ to rumble with WWE star Wade Barrett and Kevin Davies in the wrestling ring.

Wade Barrett meeting Kevin Davies
Wade Barrett meeting Kevin Davies
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Wayne Rooney is ready for a ‘royal rumble’ with WWE wrestling star Wade Barrett and North End striker Kevin Davies after Barrett challenged the Manchester United footballer for THAT ‘dive’.

A twitter exchange escalated into PNE fan Barrett proposing a wrestling match featuring himself Davies, England captain Rooney and retired wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin at the biggest event on the world wrestling calendar, Wrestlemania.

And surprisingly Rooney appeared to take up the offer!

Last night six foot seven giant Barrett called out United captain Rooney for his ‘dive’ in North End’s 3-1 FA Cup fifth round defeat to Premier League heavyweights Manchester United on Monday night.

Rooney tumbled in the box despite no contact from PNE keeper Thorsten Stuckmann in the 87th minute and subsequently dusted himself down to fire home a decisive third goal for United from the penalty spot.

But avid North End fan Barrett, originally from Penwortham, Preston, tweeted Rooney with a tongue in cheek threat.

He said: “How about that @WayneRooney dive vs @PNEFC? He won’t need to dive when I catch up with him.. #BullHammer #BNB”

Shockingly Wayne Rooney replied. The England star tweeted: “@WadeBarrett ill get stone cold Steve Austin out of retirement for you. Haha”

Barrett then challenged Rooney and retired American wrestler Austin to a wrestling match against himself and Davies at Wrestlemania 31 in Santa Clara, California on March, 29.

Barrett tweeted: “@WayneRooney you and @steveaustinBSR Vs me and @Kevin__Davies at Wrestlemania in 6 weeks. Get it booked @VinceMcMahon.”

PNE striker Davies jumped on board and seemed keen to make the ‘tag team’ clash reality.

He tweeted: “@WadeBarrett @WayneRooney @steveaustinBSR @VinceMcMahon lets get it on!! #tagteam”

Rooney ended the exchange by asking ‘big man’ Davies if he was ready to rumble.

He tweeted: “@Kevin__Davies @WadeBarrett @steveaustinBSR @VinceMcMahon u ready big man”