Waterway is looking good

Peace: Swans on the canal and, right, restoration work
Peace: Swans on the canal and, right, restoration work
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Volunteers are making great strides to improve a much-loved stretch of canal through Lancashire.

Formed in 1963, the Lancaster Canal Trust’s main objective is to restore and reopen the length of the canal from Tewitfield, just north of Carnforth, to Kendal.

In addition, the Trust aims to increase awareness and promote interest amongst all users of the historic and beautiful waterway reaching Preston, be they boaters, walkers, cyclists, or anglers.

As well as working towards full restoration, the Trust is committed to the ongoing maintenance of the canal.

Many of the original structures have been protected, further losses of cruising waterway have been successfully resisted, notably in Preston.

Improvements have been made to the towpath by erecting interpretative panels at various sites along the canal.

A spokesman said today: “Over the last four years a great deal of work has been done on our canal by the Lancaster Canal Trust volunteers, local people and contractors.

“Much of the work remained unseen and in the background. Permissions to dredge, risk assessments, planning, all taking their toll of time.

“However, we are now seeing the result of all that background work, and our canal is looking as it should, a lovely wildlife corridor and outdoor amenity for all.”

Bridges have been repaired, the canal widened and the section from Stainton Crossing to Sellet Hall bridge has 
been landscaped.

A new tow-path has been laid, and the canal bed lined, and it is almost ready for re-watering.

The Trust is proud it has been achieved without disruption to wildlife.

Canoeists regularly use the canal, and larger boats are now beginning to explore and use the waterway, which is what it was built for.

Owners of the canal the Canal & River Trust, have invited parishes to take over sections, which is a perfect way of involving each community.

The Trust spokesman added: “Walkers, local, and from far afield, enjoy the quiet easy, on-the-flat walks and beautiful scenery.

“One group from London recently had a sponsored walk from Preston and raised almost £2,000 for charity.”