Water contamination fears at Preston sheltered housing complex

Residents at a sheltered housing complex in Preston have have been told to avoid drinking their tap water over fears it could be contaminated, says United Utilities.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 15th December 2017, 6:34 am
Updated Friday, 15th December 2017, 7:40 am
Occupants atNew Brook House on Newhall Lane noticed their water had a foul smell
Occupants atNew Brook House on Newhall Lane noticed their water had a foul smell

Occupants at New Brook House on Newhall Lane noticed their water had a foul smell and reported the issue on Sunday, December 10.

Engineers attended the property on the same day and an inspection was carried out at the 43 flat complex,which is run by Your Housing Group.

The water company issued a 'do not drink' order which is set to last for at least four days while cultures are grown.

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Residents have been given bottled water to use while the investigations are carried out.

Resident Tom Beatty, 81, said: "I first noticed the problem when there was a foul smell when I put the tap on.

"One of the lads here phoned the water board to get them to come and take a look.

"They came out and told us they had to test the water - they told us not to use it until it's clear.

"It's quite hard work, I've put tape around my taps to remind myself - when you get to my age you can sometimes forget.

"There are some vulnerable residents here and I worry about how they're coping with the situation.

"My friend is only 68 though, and we are both helping to make sure that everyone is ok."

A spokesman for United Utilities said: “We received a call from a customer at New Brook House complaining of a petrol and oil taste and an odour smell from their tap. Engineers attended and conducted tests within the building.

“In conjunction with Public Health England (PHE), we issued a precautionary ‘Do No Drink Notice’ and offered bottled water to all residents.

“Our enquiries are ongoing; the protection of public health is our number one priority. We are waiting for the results of the tests; early indications would point to a private network problem.

"We are monitoring the situation alongside PHE, and continue to offer advice to the Your Housing Group.”

A spokesperson for Your Housing Group, the company responsible for running the accommodation, said: “The safety of our residents is of utmost importance to us, so we are advising residents not to drink water from the tap as a precaution until United Utilities confirms it is safe to drink.

“Our Your Housing Group team has visited every flat to speak to residents and hand deliver information and bottled water.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. We are continuing to work with United Utilities to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

A spokesman for Preston City Council confirmed that their Environmental Health and Safety Team have been made aware that United Utilities have issued a precautionary ‘do not drink advice’ at New Brook House.

The cause of the problem is still under investigation