Water compensation donation call

Simon Hutton of Penwortham
Simon Hutton of Penwortham
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The call to donate compensation from Lancashire’s water crisis is gathering pace.

In recent days, two new donation pages have been set up by residents who want to see the money going towards work by charity WaterAid.

BAe Systems worker Simon Hutton, 32, of Penwortham, attracted £150 just hours after setting up www.justgiving.com/united-utilities-refund.

He said: “During the contamination period I was at work boiling water for a coffee, when I overheard someone saying “this water crisis is a bloody nightmare”. I had to interject with: “When your children have to walk 20 miles to get a cup of water that the UK wouldn’t deem fit to wash in, then you can call this a nightmare”.

He added: “When I got the cheque I was quite shocked it was that much. That’s why I set up the Justgiving page - we’ve all been given this money that we don’t really need and I’m asking people to put this issue into perspective and think of the children dying today due to unclean water.”

Simon has donated his full £50, but pointed out that even a 10 per cent donation from all 300,000 homes would raise £1.5m.

Several people - including the Mayor of Penwortham, Coun David Howarth - have also donated to Water Aid via a separate page set up by John Wareing, called www.justgiving.com/UUcompensation.

Fiona Callister of WaterAid said: “Those affected by the recent water problems will have had a small insight in the reality faced by millions across the world every day. In fact around one in 10 globally are without safe water and one in three don’t have access to a proper toilet.”