WATCH: Buckshaw Village man launches album with music collective

A church youth worker has launched his first album as part of a large musicians collective.

Friday, 18th May 2018, 2:48 pm
Nathanael Orr

Nathanael Orr, who runs the youth work and worship at Buckshaw Village Church, formed the group - Homeward Found - three years ago from his hometown in Cardiff.The 23-year-old moved to Buckshaw Village in 2016 but has successfully maintained the 13-strong group to launch the album - Into The Wild.

Nathanael said: “We have been a band for three years, but I have been working in this album a lot longer. The oldest track on there is something I wrote six years ago. But as we have grown as a collective it is almost unrecognisable.“I have always been a singer and love expressing myself through writing songs. I wrote all the songs with my guitar and my brother-in-law knew Corben Lee, who is very talented and was a member of Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. He was looking for a band member. I played him a song and he added the piano line. Every time we met up I would give him a few songs and he would take it to the next level with the piano.“Through this connection, we got a small group of people from churches and Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama together. My wife, Abigail, is also in the band as a singer.

“I have always wanted to be part of a bigger collective, rather than a band.“It is very difficult to get us together. We do a lot of recording online and I wrote ad hoc online. It has been very interesting. We released our first single - Broken Hearted - two years ago and now we have a 12-track album.“Our sound is pop with a jazz undertone. A lot of the lyrics are hard hitting but with an upbeat melody. There is a juxtaposition of real struggles but with an undercurrent of joy and hope. We have the saxophone and trumpets swelling up in the chorus.“I am really passionate about writing positive music that would be suitable for the likes of Radio 1, offering something that is clean and safe.”

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Nathanael Orr
Homeward Found Band, featuring Nathanael Orr, from Buckshaw Village