Warning after man led to safety from smoke-filled flat

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Firefighters have sounded a warning about late night cooking after a man had to be led to safety from his smoke-filled flat.

Three crews, police and paramedics raced to the scene of the blaze in West Cliff, Preston in the early hours of Tuesday following reports that a man was trapped.

But when they arrived he had already been led out by neighbours who forced the door after being alerted by a smoke alarm.

The cause of the fire was food left on a grill pan on the cooker.

“The man had left food cooking on the grill and then fallen asleep,” said watch manager Mark Woodward of Preston Fire Station.

“Most of the other people in the block of self-containned flats had managed to get out, but they couldn’t wake the man whose flat was the cause of the smoke.

“So they forced the door, woke him up and got him out.

“There were other people still asleep in the block and so we evacuated everyone because the smoke was spreading.

“Luckily there was no-one injured. The alarm did its job - apart from waking the man in this flat.

“We get quite a few of these sorts of incidents and the message we are always trying to get across, from a safety point of view, is do not start cooking food late at night when you have maybe had a drink.

“There is a chance you are going to fall asleep and it is going to catch fire.

“This man was lucky because his neighbours heard the alarm and managed to get him out.”