Warm service, cold soggy naan

Bukhara, Samlesbury
Bukhara, Samlesbury
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Preston New Road, Samlesbury

Over the years finding a decent takeaway on the eastern fringe of our patch has been no easy feat for this eager eater (any recommendations are certainly welcome!).

As you leave Preston along the A59 only one, Bukhara, in Samlesbury, really springs to mind, so it was through necessity rather than choice that I finally made it over the threshold this week.

And, you know what, I wish I had done earlier.

After a long day at work, I asked the staff to help choose a few dishes for the whole family to sample.

Sticking with the recommendations we went with chicken karahi, saucy curry of chicken thigh meat cooked with onions, tomatoes, ginger and garlic, and a dry lamb curry cooked with okra, which was not on the menu but cooked specially for us on the chef’s recommendation.

Both were tasty alternatives to the madras and samba duo that we usually order from Indian takeaways.

The accompaniments, however, weren’t as successful. Although the spicy chicken pakoras were great, the meat samosas were tiny, the grilled paneer cheese was a little bland and the keema naan was soggy by the time we got it home.

It was also quite expensive at £29.60 for two main courses and a few extras.

In all, though, we’d certainly return to Bukhara, not least for the warm service.

Karl Holbrook

Star rating: 7/10