War memorial team ordered to ‘bog off’

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Workmen have been ordered to shift their portable loo from a city’s war memorial after complaints it is an insult to fallen troops.

Flushed council officials pulled the chain on the mobile toilet on Preston’s Flag Market this week after being bombarded with protests from angry passers-by.

Portaloo next to war memorial

Portaloo next to war memorial

“It isn’t ours, it belongs to the company doing work on the cenotaph,” said a Town Hall spokesman.

“We agree it’s in an entirely inappropriate spot and we’ve told them to move it.”

The loo arrived with a team of stone cleaners hired to spruce up the monument ahead of its rededication ceremony a week tomorrow. The workmen were brought in to power-wash the memorial, even though it is less than a year since it was cleaned as part of an £835,000 restoration project in the Autumn.

“It is only a matter of months, but new stone like that does discolour and we thought it would be a good idea to remove the day-to-day grime and getting it looking the part before the service on Armed Forces Day next week.

“A company has been brought in for a general tidy-up and to apply some further protective coating to stop it staining,” the spokesman said.

“The toilet was put there for the workmen to use so they can spend a penny quickly without having to take a break and wander off to find a loo elsewhere. But no sooner had it appeared than complaints were made to us saying it is disrespectful to have it there, right next to the war memorial.

“It is an inappropriate location and as soon as we were made aware of it we gave instructions to relocate it for the rest of work time.”

Next Friday, June 13, will be the 88th anniversary of the day the war memorial was first unveiled to remember the dead of the First World War.

The re-dedication service will start at 12.45pm and will feature the Band of the King’s Division and troops from the 2nd Battalion of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment.