Wagon train brings hell to country lanes

Postmistress Emma Brown at road works on Hoyles Lane, Cottam
Postmistress Emma Brown at road works on Hoyles Lane, Cottam
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Juggernauts delivering to new housing developments in a picturesque corner of Preston are putting lives at risk, claims a city councillor.

The wagons have brought congestion and danger to the narrow country lanes around Cottam since work on at least three sites began earlier this year, says Coun Christine Abram.

“It’s hell - and it’s getting worse,” said the Tory member who lives within walking distance of around 1,000 new homes being built in the area to address Preston’s housing shortage.

“All these sites were subject to conditions about where the lorries could go and during what hours when planning was granted by the council. But it seems no-one is policing this - they just come and go as they please.

“With the number of houses planned for this part of the city it could be like this for years.”

Cottam is part of a vast swathe of land across the north of the city earmarked for new homes in answer to the Government’s demand for more building.

Only recently the village postmistress complained trade at her shop had dropped by half because of a road closure outside - set up after a workman was almost knocked down by a lorry. Emma Brown warned that if it continued for much longer Christmas would be a disaster and the entire business could be at risk.

Coun Abram said: “I feel for Emma because their livelyhood is at stake. But this is affecting everyone up there. Wagons are thundering through and it’s downright dangerous.

“I’ve been on to our planning department to ask who is policing this. To me it seems no-one is taking a blind bit of notice. They just aren’t interested.

“The residents of Cottam have just about had enough. And, with housing development predicted to go on for about five years up here, the nightmare could be never-ending.

“Something has to be done before someone gets badly hurt. It would be heartbreaking if there was a serious accident before something was done.”

A Preston Council spokesman said: “We are aware of the issues and people have made complaints to us.

“We are investigating and are in discussions with the various developers in that area.

“The situation has not been helped with the closure of Hoyles Lane and also the wet weather we have had recently.”