Voters go to polls for referendum

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Residents in Fishwick and St Matthews will go to the polls today to vote on the Inner East Preston Neighbourhood Plan.

The Friends of Fishwick and St Matthews have been handing out leaflets and talking to residents about the referendum, to persuade them to cast their vote for a planning document two years in the making.

If 50 per cent of voters say “yes”, the plan will be adopted by Preston Council as a statutory planning document and protect green spaces, shopping areas, community facilities and employment areas in the inner east part of the city.

Earlier this week Fishwick councillor Martyn Rawlinson said: “The more people that vote, the more of a mandate the plan has got to say the residents want this particular thing to happen or that particular thing not to happen.”

Explaining the idea behind the neighbourhood plan, he said: “The council has a plan for the whole of Preston that says you can build things there and not there. This is a very localised version of that for Fishwick and St Matthews.

“It’s a 50 per cent ‘yes’ vote we need, then if anybody proposes anything for Fishwick and St Matthews, the council will look at the plan to make sure it’s not prohibitive.”

The vote takes place this Thursday from 7am to 10pm.