Villagers express the need for more youth facilities

The new Adlington play area on Jubilee Playing Fields
The new Adlington play area on Jubilee Playing Fields
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Village chiefs have outlined their hopes to increase youth provisions after concerns were raised.

Members of the Adlington Town Council raised their concerns at the lack of youth facilities at a parish meeting.

Parish councillors say that more could be done for youngsters of all ages in the village.

Talks are now being sought with Chorley Council and Lancashire County Council to help improve the provisions.

Already the village has a number of classes at community centres on Highfield Road and Railway Road.

Recently, a state-of-the-art skate park, which cost £200,000, was built on Jubilee Playing Fields.

Coun Stephen Higgins, Adlington Council’s mayor, said: “The new skate park has been a huge success, but we would like to see if we could get funding for a lot more.

“When kids have nothing to do, they look for mischief, so we’d like to give them something to do.

“We want to offer things all over the village, we’re exploring all avenues and we want to improve the village as a whole.”

Coun Bev Murray who is responsible for play provision at Chorley Council, said: “There has been significant investment in the play and recreation facilities in Adlington recently including installing a new skate park, ball court and play area.

“Over the next 12 months, we also have further plans including improving the toddler play area on Grafton Street and upgrading the play area on King George V playing field.

“However, we would be more than happy to discuss any concerns that Adlington Council may have about provision and activities for young people in the local area.”

Lancashire County Council were unavailable for comment.