Village speed limit cut calls

Danger: Speeding cars pose a threat on Buckshaw Avenue
Danger: Speeding cars pose a threat on Buckshaw Avenue
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Calls have been made to change the speed limit on a number of roads throughout a Chorley village.

Astley and Buckshaw councillor Matthew Lynch is pressurising Lancashire County Council to speed up the adoption process of several roads in Buckshaw Village and reduce the speed limits.

It comes after residents have complained over the 40mph speed limit on the feeder roads.

However LCC has said that 40mph speed limits are appropriate for the village feeder roads.

Coun Lynch wants the Buckshaw Avenue speed limit reduced, due to Buckshaw Trinity primary school and a number of houses on the road.

He said: “I think the main issue is LCC need to speed up the adoption process of the roads.

“Currently it’s like a race track, people go much quicker than they should do, things will change if LCC adopt the roads.

“I’ve had residents contact me on a number of occasions asking for speed bumps.

“But none of this can happen until the roads have been adopted.”

Old Worden Avenue and Village Way have also been identified as problem road, however both roads are currently unadopted.

Coun Lynch added: “We want to place a speed indicator device on the roads.

“Accidents have happened on the roads before and something needs to be done before something serious happens.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “We will look into these concerns to see if there is any action we can take to reduce vehicle speeds in Buckshaw Village. This may include establishing additional locations for speed indicator signs. We have looked at the speed limits through Buckshaw following requests and concluded that 40mph is the most appropriate and realistic speed limit for the main feeder roads.”