Village residents worried about plans to build new homes

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A developer has submitted an application for 18 affordable bungalows and two-storey houses near Chorley Lane, Charnock Richard. It includes the construction of an access road off Chorley Lane.

But among objections are that it is in the green belt; and fears of speeding and excessive traffic.

Concerned ward councillor Alan Whittaker said: “It’s not in an area that’s designated for building and in Charnock Richard, there’s a triangle, Chorley Lane, Charter Lane and Church Lane, which is intensely developed. They say there’s a need for these things. They will have to prove there’s a need.

“The speed of vehicles on Chorley Lane already causes concern and developing this in the way they are planning to now, with an entrance onto Chorley Lane, can only make matters worse. It used to be the highways’ view that with more entrances onto a main road, there are more chances of having an accident.

He added: “The main thing is it’s in green belt and if it goes through it’s going to create some serious precedent for the rest of the area. There seems to be a determination to build anywhere and everywhere that people can and it’s no coincidence that the only people that are making millions and millions out of developments these days are the big building companies.”

Developer, Wigan-based MCI Developments, has current and existing properties throughout the North West.

The issue is due to go before Charnock Richard Parish Council on January 5.