Village centre to reopen a year after it was shut down

Tanterton Community Centre
Tanterton Community Centre
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A community centre is set to reopen this weekend after being boarded up for the last year.

Tanterton Village Centre will open its doors this Saturday from 10am to 4pm, and volunteers are encouraging people to join the special drop-in day.

An action group took over the centre last year, and members now want to hear neighbours views on its future.

Mum Kerry Strangeway, who has lived in Tanterton for 25 years, said: “We are calling it an open and information day, and we have got a number of service providers coming.

“We are opening the doors and serving tea, coffee, juice and hot dogs, and it is an opportunity for the local people to come in and tell us what they want.”

Kerry, 43, said: “We have such a wide range of people in this community we want to be able to cater for everybody. It’s the community’s centre and we want an open door policy and people feeling comfortable to just come in for a brew.”

She added: “I moved to the estate when my eldest was two - we’ve always used that centre, it’s always been there so that’s why we thought we’ve got to get involved, we can’t let it be bulldozed.”

Local councillor and Tanterton Village Centre board member Coun Bill Shannon said: “We are inviting everybody along to come and see on Saturday, and the hope is to get some people involved in volunteering.

“We are going to ask what people are interested in. We are having a drop in, a community cafe, and we are hoping to have an internet cafe.

“These are some of the things we want to be talking to people about and seeing who’s interested in helping and who’s interested in being a customer.”