VIDEO: Is this the greatest best man's 'speech' of all time?

Bamber Bridge star Jamie Milligan was left in stitches after this hilarious video was shown at his wedding...

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 6th September 2016, 2:29 pm
Updated Wednesday, 7th September 2016, 2:48 pm

How does a best man forget his speech, then finish it without saying a single word, and yet still manage to make it one of the greatest ever?

Somehow, that’s exactly what Danny McKenzie managed to do at his pal Jamie Milligan’s wedding, held in Wrea Green recently.

The Bamber Bridge midfielder looked on as Danny ‘forgot’ his notes, before sprinting out the room to go and fetch them from his house in St Annes some five miles away.

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The 36-year-old, his new bride Mandy, and their family and friends then watched on a big screen as Danny made an eventful trip home from The Villa.

The slick video shows the best man, dressed in blue suit pants and white shirt, run to his car outside, which won’t start.

Undeterred, he decides to run, legging it across a field, scaring away sheep. He's then forced to flee a kidnapper he had pulled over for a lift, stops at a temporary traffic light, and enjoys an impromptu ice cream.

After throwing up at The William Pickles Sports Ground, Danny pulls up with cramp, though he still manages to enjoy a quick boating trip across Fairhaven Lake and ‘several’ pints at the Lord Derby pub in St Anne’s Road West.

After continuing his hapless journey, Danny relieves himself against Jamie’s van, used for his football academy, before letting himself into the ex-Blackpool and Fleetwood player’s home.

Inside he enjoys a rather noisy toilet break, and pumps up a football in the bedroom — though a clever camera angle hints at something a little cheekier…

Finally, after racing home and suffering a further washing machine-related mishap, Danny grabs his notes and catches a taxi back to The Villa where, wearing Jamie’s slightly-too-small football kit, he is greeted with a standing ovation.

The 37-year-old, who has known Jamie since the pair were boys, admitted being nervous about the stunt, though he needn’t have been, with guests left in stitches.

The car salesman, who works at Citroen in Blackpool, said: “Jamie asked me to be his best man a few years ago, probably six or seven, and from that point I was a little bit nervous because he is very well known because of his football.

“I knew the wedding would be a big deal and there would be footballers there, like Leon Osman and Keith Southern, so I needed something that was going to be different.”

It was actually former Pool star John Hill’s wife Sam that came up with the idea of moving away from a traditional speech, filled with anecdotes and innuendos, after seeing something similar elsewhere.

And, over the course of four or five days, Danny, with the help of his brother Liam, filmed his side-splitting funny adventure.

“Out of the hundreds of people there, only us knew about it,” Danny added.