Victim saved after friend fell on him

Lucky to be alive: Heart attack victim Kevin Brockbank (left) with fellow engineer Martin Amriding
Lucky to be alive: Heart attack victim Kevin Brockbank (left) with fellow engineer Martin Amriding
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A man who collapsed and died was brought back to life by his friend – after he fell on top of him.

Father-of-two Kevin Brockbank, 54, suddenly collapsed while on a job with colleague Martin Amriding.

The pair, both from Preston, work for Goss Graphics, on Fylde Road. They were getting a coffee before starting work on printing presses in Dundee when Kevin suffered a massive heart attack.

Slumping on the floor, Kevin reached out to grab hold of his friend of 35 years, who fell to the floor and on top of him.

And the force from 15st Martin re-started Kevin’s heart, bringing him back to life.

Martin, of The Ferns, Walton-le-Dale, said: “We went to get a coffee and Kevin had to sit down. I asked him if he was alright.

“He said ‘no I’m not’.

“He looked terrible and I asked him how his chest felt.

“He said it felt terrible and I asked him how his arms felt. He said they felt like lead.

“I dialled 999 and his head went back and his eyes rolled and he fell off the chair.

“I was the wrong side and went to grab him but his dead weight took me over and I couldn’t let go of him. He fell and I fell on top of him, and then he came round.

“We rang the ambulance and they sorted him out but he had four more heart attacks that day.

“It was only later I was told the force of me falling on him kick-started his heart.”

Kevin is originally from Preston, where his family still live, and now lives in Ayr, Ayrshire, 
although he is undergoing further treatment at Royal Preston 

The pair have known each other for 35 years since starting work at the company together.

Kevin said: “It was certainly an unusual way to bring me back to life. I was in the canteen and I suddenly felt a pain in my chest, like Mike Tyson had thumped me.

“I blacked out. I didn’t know anything about what had happened until later. All I experienced was a swirling mist around my head.

“I came back round and I was on the floor.

“Five minutes later the paramedics were there and I remember going down in the wheelchair to the ambulance.

“Then I blacked out completely. I didn’t know anything until I came back round in hospital and my family were around me.”

Kevin had never had any problems with his heart before the 
incident in October.

He has since had two strokes, blood clots in his legs, and has had to have a stent fitted in the main artery of his heart.

He said: “I had never heard 
anything like it before. He certainly saved me. It’s quite frightening to think about really.

“If I had been on my own at the time I don’t think I would be here now.

“Now I tend to make sure that I have someone who weighs at least 15 stone with me at all times!”