Vandals barred from reservoir in Heapey

Persistent vandalism at a reservoir in Heapey means that landowners will now be closing off its car park permanently.

Friday, 28th July 2017, 5:34 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:29 pm

It comes after young people have littered the area with rubbish, left evidence of drug use and raked up a gravel path by performing handbrake turns and wheelspins in their cars.

But the move will also mean that the gate to the car park will be locked to walkers, anglers and other motorists visiting the area.

Kenny Baxter, secretary of Wigan and District Angling Association which owns the land around the reservoirs, said: “We are going to put a gate in to stop access all together to the top car park.

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“There will be lots of people who will be very disappointed because of it.”

Although people will still be able to go into the reservoir on foot, it means that motorists will have to leave their cars in a car park further away and then have to walk to what is known as reservoir number two.

Speaking to the Post, Mr Baxter added: “Historically this has been going on for quite a long time but over a 12 month period we have seen an increase in youths going up at night with McDonald’s.

“There are silver capsules left around and little pieces of silver paper wrapping, it also stinks of cannabis.

“Last week when the committee went up there the lads were very respectful and well dressed but people are becoming frightened of going up there because they know they are taking drugs.

“They are doing wheelspins and handbrake turns in their cars, ripping up the path.”

The Angling Association is having a gate measured and hopes to have it in place before the end of August.

Wigan and District Angling Association is planning on installing a combination lock on the gate of the car park.

It will give the code of the lock to anglers who are members of their association.

Reservoir number two is the largest of Heapey reservoirs with depths of 12 – 30ft.

Although the car park land is owned by a local farmer, the Angling Association owns the land round the reservoirs which are located to the East of Chorley.

The nearest car park which will remain open to motorists is at reservoir number one.