V-Egan Street is food for thought

It's no pork for Jennifer White of the PETA Foundation
It's no pork for Jennifer White of the PETA Foundation

Campaigners want Preston to give the ‘V’ to animal cruelty by renaming Egan Street as Vegan Street.

And residents are being offered sizzling meet-free sausages for a week if the city council makes the switch.

Mayor Coun Brian Rollo, who is an unashamed carnivore, is being asked by the PETA Foundation (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to use his civic influence to help bring about the change.

And even though his wife, Mayoress Trisha Rollo, is a vegetarian and supports moves to stamp out cruelty in the food industry, he told the Post: “Unfortunately renaming streets is not within my remit. But I do know they are very rarely changed because it causes all sorts of problems.”

PETA have written to Coun Rollo suggesting a “simple switch” of Egan to Vegan would encourage people in the city to think seriously about how animals are treated.The group is offering every resident of Egan Street, off Meadow Street, a week’s supply of vegan bangers if the move is successful.

“Changing Egan Street to Vegan Street would not only inspire local people to eat healthy, eco-friendly meals, but it would also show kindness and compassion towards animals,” says PETA director Elisa Allen.

The letter to Coun Rollo tells him: “If you agree to this proposal we’d be delighted to provide every resident of the street with a copy of our vegan starter kit as well as a week’s supply of vegan sausages.”

Coun Robert Boswell, cabinet member responsible for the community and environment, said: “It is an unusual request, but we would have to look into it. It would be a long process, but the residents would have to support it - they are the key stakeholders in something like this.”