UPDATED: Latest on Morecambe takeaway video assault

A screen grab of video footage showing a man and a woman seconds before he elbowed her in the face.
A screen grab of video footage showing a man and a woman seconds before he elbowed her in the face.

A police sergeant has asked people not to post 'mindless comments' online after a video of an assault in a Morecambe takeway was viewed more than 750,000 times. (Warning: the video contains scenes some viewers may find upsetting).

The clip shows a man knocking a woman to the floor with an elbow to the face after they argued at the counter of Bodrum takeway on Queen Street.

Police are investigating and Sgt Adie Knowles said they are "making enquiries regarding the suspect who is out of the area".

Facebook has been inundated with remarks and information about the incident since the video was posted on Tuesday.

Sgt Knowles, posting to the Morecambe Area Police Facebook page, discouraged people from posting 'vigilante comments' on social media about the suspect.

"I must say that mindless comments from people regarding taking matters into your own hands is not useful to anyone!" he said.

"I know such incidents are very emotive but please leave it to us. I can assure you I will update you when this is finished. If anyone wants to speak with me regarding the matter, or you have information that might assist us then please ring me. 01524 596935."

Lancashire Police confirmed they were called to reports of an assault at Bodrum takeaway on Queen Street in the early hours of Monday, September 4.

A police spokeswoman said a man got into an argument with a woman and then hit her in the face.

The incident happened just before 1am. The woman was taken to hospital.

The spokeswoman said the two people were known to each other and the victim had “refused to make a complaint” so originally no further action was being taken against the man.

But a spokesman for Morecambe Police told us on Wednesday afternoon that they were reviewing the incident.

The video also appears to show the woman 'clipping the man around the ear' just prior to being elbowed.