UKIP announces its candidate for Preston

James Barker, UKIP's parliamentary candidate for Preston
James Barker, UKIP's parliamentary candidate for Preston
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A BUSINESSMAN has been selected as UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for Preston.

James Barker, 49, from Penwortham, will stand for the party in the general election.

James moved to the Preston area 10 years ago and says his political heroes include Bill Clinton. He said: “A large gulf has opened up between the ruling elite and the public. Many Preston voters have noticed.

“Too many decisions seem to come from nowhere, without any prior discussion with the public at election time: almost invariably those decisions have been imposed on Britain by the European Union.

“Too many decisions are being made by an undemocratic elite in the EU, arrogantly bypassing the views of ordinary people. Only UKIP will end that: none of the other parties even wish to talk about it.

“Working people are the victims: uncontrolled immigration from the EU is adding enormous downward pressure on wages and putting pressure on schools and housing.”

He said the party would “help the low-paid make ends meet by raising the income tax threshold to remove minimum wage earners from tax altogether.”

He said: “Preston has been a safe Labour seat for generations and the other parties seem to have given up even trying to win. UKIP has become a major force in the town in recent years. We will mount a major campaign and I am confident we will once again poll strongly.”