Family of toddler saved from drowning in River Lune near Lancaster thank 'guardian angel' and warn of 'dangerous, fast water' at beauty spot

Susan McDonald swam into the river and plucked unconscious three-year-old Hayaa Mazaleen from the fast flowing current, saving her life.

Monday, 17th August 2020, 12:14 pm
Updated Monday, 17th August 2020, 12:28 pm

The rescue at the Crook O'Lune on Saturday August 8 has prompted Hayaa's family, who live in Wigan, to warn of the dangerous water at the beauty spot.

It was the family's first trip to the area, and they said they weren't aware of the deep water and fast flowing current, as there were no warning signs they could see.

The three-year-old fell into the river and floated face down for 200m before Susan McDonald, who is a trained lifeguard, swam in and plucked her out of the water, giving her CPR until she started to breathe again.

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Susan McDonald with three-year-old Hayaa.

Susan was only there as she had met up with family half way between Manchester, where she lives, and Whitehaven, where her family live.

The full story and Susan's account is HERE.

Hayaa's father Annas, who had initially tried to go into the water after his daughter, said the family was "so lucky" that Susan had been there.

It is understood he had turned his back for a few seconds on a small beach area below the Crook O' Lune bridge.

Susan with Hayaa's family.

He said: "It was the first time we'd been there, and it was very dangerous.

"There weren't any signs to tell us that it was dangerous, and I just want to say that we don't want this to happen to any other children.

"We were so lucky that Susan was there.

"We had lost hope that we could get my daughter back as the water was so fast.

The bridge at the Crook O' Lune.

"I can't thank Susan enough for what she did. She was a guardian angel.

"It was a very good thing to meet her.

"We thanked her and gave her a present for what she did."

Susan added: "It was a relief to see her smiling face and her being a normal child again.

"It was lovely to meet the rest of the family as she has an older brother and sister."