UCLan PE course is a first for China

UCLans Nick Passenger leading a session in China
UCLans Nick Passenger leading a session in China

Forget Brexit – bosses at Preston’s university are celebrating after picking up another first.

The University of Central Lancashire has been handpicked by The Chinese Ministry of Education to deliver one of only three ministry-approved sports degrees.

Hunan Normal University in Changsha has been working with two leading lecturers from UCLan to create a BA (Hons) Sport and Physical Education degree course for Chinese students, which has been designed to bring a different approach to teaching PE in China.

Traditionally, physical education in China is taught in large groups around a set sport and using a formal structure.

The new UCLan degree teaches different academic approaches and looks to improve key knowledge of a variety of physical


The new course is being led by Nick Passenger, who is UCLan’s academic lead for sport, physical education and the outdoors. Along with programme manager Dr David Grecic, the two fly out monthly to oversee and quality assure the provision.

Nick said: “The course mirrors the successful programme at our Preston campus, which aims to create teachers who have the knowledge to deliver physical education in a way that will develop pupils holistically.

“It is less focused on specific sports, and instead teaches students to use a range of techniques to keep their class active, motivated and provided with the opportunity for long term participation.”

This new way of teaching ties in with China’s push to improve health across its population at a time when obesity levels are at an all-time high.