Twins a real cut above

Reunited: Twins Mark and Paul Thompson outside the Chorley salon
Reunited: Twins Mark and Paul Thompson outside the Chorley salon
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These twins really are a cut above the rest.

Mark and Paul Thompson live thousands of miles apart, yet their relationship becomes stronger as each day passes.

Both work in the same trade – hairdressing – with Paul owning the successful Thompson Style, on Market Street in Chorley, while Mark is creative director for Sassoon Academy, based in Los Angeles.

The brothers were reunited at Christmas and loved every minute of it. Mark said: “It was great to be back at Christmas.

“We speak to each other every day, but we had a little countdown for when I would actually be back in Chorley and it has been great.”

Both moved into hairdressing at 17, when the pair started their careers at Northcotes, and they haven’t looked back since.

And despite their different roles, one day the pair hope to work together.

Paul said: “I hope, with my experience managing a store and Mark’s doing shows, that we can work together.”

Mark added: “I really hope we will be able to go into business together too, and it’s something I’d never rule out.”

But for now, the identical twins, who share their lives through Instagram, will have to keep on doing that until they can be reunited again.

You can follow the twins’ lives on Instagram by visiting _cole_thompson and paulothompson.