Troubadour on target to celebrate musical project

A project taking aim at bringing the excitement back to music download's comes to a close with a celebration concert.

Thursday, 19th April 2018, 12:05 pm
Updated Thursday, 19th April 2018, 12:11 pm
Troubadour on stage

Blackpool band Troubadour have been releasing one single a month for the past six months for their Release The Bow project, which will come to an end at The Layton on Saturday night.

Each single was released with its own artwork produced by local artist Darren Elwell, accompanied by interviews, live footage, music videos and notes on the tracks on the band’s website - and a book has been put together with all this gathered in the one place as well as a CD of the music with two bonus tracks.

Frontman Michael Shanagher said: “Downloads are the way most people purchase music these days, and everything is instant, which has its advantages, but I remember the anticipation as a kid of waiting for release day and queuing to get new music from a record shop.

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Artwork for Release The Bow by Troubadour

“There’d be a great big piece of artwork on the cover, and sleeve notes about the music.

“It was an exciting experience, and we wanted to bring some of that excitement back into the era of downloads and more.”

The scheme launched at The Layton, and with a new owner in place Troubadour are glad to be back and supporting the venture.

Band member Andy Bache said: ““We had an amazing night when we launched the project.

Artwork for Release The Bow by Troubadour

“Communities need buildings like this, but buildings like this need their communities.

“Many bands go out of town to put on nights like this, but it was really important to us to keep it right in the heart of our community.

“Much of our music is about or is inspired by our local area. Even the main artwork for our project was inspired by a famous local landmark.

"It’s a great feeling to be playing in a venue that has so much history in our community, and its great that its now got Amie putting so much passion and energy into the place and keeping it going for future generations.

"There are loads of great things going on in our community, and this is one of them - come down and be a part of it.”

Doors 7.30pm. Entry £8 on the door.