Trees blocking CCTV in Winckley Square to be felled

New vision: An artist's impression of the new Winckley Square revamp scheme
New vision: An artist's impression of the new Winckley Square revamp scheme
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Plans have been lodged to cull 13 trees in Winckley Square Gardens as part of a major £1.2m makeover.

The project, led by a partnership between Preston City Council, charity Groundwork and the Winckley Square Community Interest Company, has already won planning permission for the Heritage Lottery-supported revamp scheme, but requires further agreement to chop the trees.

The application asks for permission to remove 13 trees, plus an additional nine dying, diseased or dangerous trees.

The diseased trees do not require permission to be felled but a spokesman for project managers Groundwork - who carried out a tree survey in November 2014 - say they will be planting new trees to replace them.

The spokesman said: “The overall objective is to sustain the historic trees and bring the gardens back to its natural heritage.

“It is about safeguarding the trees.

“We have put a large amount of work into inspecting tree by tree and removing a tree is the last resort.”

Some of the trees to be felled have health defects, others are blocking CCTV cameras.

Proposed works to improve drainage also require a hawthorn tree to be removed.

The proposals also include plans to plant 30 new trees, including fruit and Birch trees.

No objections have been received to the plan which will be heard by councillors on December 3.

The square revamp includes plans for better drainage, the restoration of original railings and improved footpaths, and a stage 2 bid for lotto funding which was approved earlier this year.

It is hoped work to improve the square will start in the New Year.