Travellers unhappy at bus company's price hike

From Sunday, Preston Bus Ltd will raise some of its fares by up to £3 following years of frozen prices.

Friday, 22nd July 2016, 10:31 am
Updated Friday, 22nd July 2016, 2:14 pm

The change sees prices rise for both children and adult’s weekly and monthly passes.

An adult’s Easi28day pass will rise from £39 to £42 with the same ticket for a child going up from £30 to £33.

A weekly pass for adults will also rise from £10.80 to £12 with children’s weekly passes going up by £1 to £10.

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And Preston’s public aren’t happy with the price hike, taking to Facebook to vent their views.

Tammy Moffatt posted: Stagecoach it is Preston Bus obviously don’t care how it effects people all about money.”

And Dan Wilson agreed saying: “Taking the piss! You raise your prices nearly every month! Going to price yourself out of business if you carry on. £1.85 to town is a joke really.”

But a spokesman for the company says the prices still give their customers good value for money.

They said: “The renewal helps us to continue investing in our fleets, training our staff and new technology.

“The prices on the rise have been frozen for several years and adult single tickets are being kept the same. Despite the rise, we still believe these prices offer good value for money for our customers.”

The spokesman also pointed out the company’s summer promotion which sees the £1.20 child single flat fare ticket replaced by a £1.20 child return ticket for the summer holidays. The promotional ticket is available from Sunday, July 24 until Sunday, September 4 before reverting to the increased £1.20 flat fare afterwards. A child single flat fare ticket is currently £1 but rises to £1.20 from Sunday.

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